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The Danish have Hygge, the Swedish have Lagom, but the Welsh have their own style too — Cwtch.

The word comes from South Wales and dates back to the 1400s, and it literally means “couch,” or “lie down”. However in terms of interior design, it describes a feeling of security, warmth and comfort. The English translation is to hug or cuddle. When using Cwtch to inspire your interior design, think of soft lighting, textured fabrics, and items that make your space feel very homey.

Using tiling to bring warmth

The kitchen and the bathroom are both very functional spaces that aren’t always associated with warmth, however, you can use tiling very effectively to bring in a feeling of comfort. Beautiful Welsh slate is always a classic choice, in varying shades of deep blue to warm grey. When treated, they are hardwearing and will last a lifetime. Warm ceramic tiles for the walls is also a good option to bring a feeling of Cwtch, using natural colours like beige, stone, and duck egg blue.

Have fun with fabric

In your living room, it is all about the textures of carpets, rugs, cushions and sofas. Cwtch fabrics are the ones that you just want to reach out and touch. For blankets and cushions, go for soft faux fur, fleece and even velvet, in colours that remind you of the Welsh hillsides. For your flooring, think about how it would feel between your toes — there is nothing wrong with a plush rug that is soft underfoot. For  your chairs and sofas, again look for heavy textures like corduroy, that will be cool in the summer, but warm in the winter.

Personalise your home

Nothing says Cwtch like having your personal possessions and photographs in your space. Creating a feature wall with photos of family and friends is a good way to bring a personal touch that will make you smile every day. Put up artwork of  your favourite Welsh landscapes, places that are both comforting and familiar. On your shelves, place items that you are sentimental about, that have meaning. Perhaps you have family heirlooms, or souvenirs from holidays that you love — they are all an important part of your Welsh history.

Cwtch isn’t just a way to decorate your home, it is a way of life. Embrace everything that is warm and comforting and fill your living space with the things that you love.

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