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Before and after: coronavirus empties Cardiff busy streets

The days of busy streets seem like a lifetime ago

We’re coming to the end of the second week, following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s increased restrictions on movement in a bid to try and prevent further spread of COVID-19. For many like us this is now the third week of working from home and has impacted our daily lives greatly.

Those key workers who still commute daily will have noticed the drastic changes in our capital city. Fewer commuters on the trains and buses, quieter roads and streets across the capital and sheer number of businesses that remain closed.

It’s Friday once again in Cardiff but tonight instead of people preparing for an evening out going from pub to club, their plans will be similar to ours, finding a movie to watch together and enjoying our favourite takeaway.

Here’s a look back at the busy streets of Cardiff and how they look today amid the country in lockdown.

St Mary Street

Renowned for its restaurants, bars and clubs, the street is now an eerie shadow of what it usually is.

Chippy Lane

The place famous for Dorothy’s and the end of a night ritual.

Central Station

Usually flooded with thousands of commuter a day, it is now only essential travel that is permitted.

Queen Street

All high street stores have now closed, other than banks.

Upper Queen Street

A regular hangout for pedestrians, Queen Street is quiet now almost completely quiet.

Greyfriars Road

Many of us have spent the cold evenings queueing up outside one of the many clubs on this strip in Cardiff.

New Theatre Cardiff

Usually lit up in the night sky, a notice reads that all theatre shows have been cancelled until further notice.

Cardiff City Hall

City Hall was lit up in blue last night to show support for the NHS and front line workers. Usually, this area would be full of weddings cars and scenes of jubilation on the weekend.

Museum Avenue

This site is usually jam packed with cars, where you’d be lucky to find a space come midday on a Saturday.

Mocka Lounge / Mill Lane

Another hot spot of Cardiff nightlife now eerily quiet. Fridays and Saturday nights aren’t the same.

Cardiff Market

Only a small number of stalls selling essential items remain open.

Church Street

Cardiff’s up and coming foodie street is usually alive with restaurant-goers throughout the day and night.

Cardiff Bay

All but essential travel is permitted, unless you are lucky enough to live in close proximity to the bay to go for a walk or run.

Photo credits: Matthew Horwood / A Day in the Life page by Cartridge Save.