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A Guide To Dog Friendly Holidays in Wales

Traveling to the United Kingdom would not be complete without a trip to Wales, the region that is known for its beautiful outdoors. Taking a holiday trip to Wales is an exploration of a magical landscape of coasts and mountains whose people maintain a rich culture.

There is a timeless atmosphere in Wales. What’s more is that it is also a very friendly place to travel, not only for humans but also for their dogs.

Where to Stay in Wales

Wales lets you have the best of both worlds because it has one foot firmly in the past with well-maintained farmhouses and cottages made of stone. There is quite a selection of dog-friendly cottages in Wales. Certain property owners would usually open the option of letting you stay in their cottage with your dogs (up to a certain limit, of course) because country life is still practiced in Wales. This means that dogs are welcome to visit with their owners.

Cottages in Wales that are described as dog-friendly places to stay usually provide you the option of cooking your own food. These cottages have a garden where you and your pet can relax after a long day hiking or exploring.

Things To Do in Wales

There are many adventures to be had in Wales. Visiting the Welsh coast is a recipe for a great holiday with your dog. You can enjoy long walks along a rugged coastline with your dog, exploring the countryside by the sea. Surfing and paddleboarding are activities that are offered in coastal areas as well.

For inland activities, you can go on long hikes ascending to rugged cliff tops, waterfalls, or even go exploring in ancient castles together with your dog. Castles, museums, and formal gardens are spread out across the countryside for visitors to experience the unique culture and history of Wales.

Here are a few popular places to go in Wales:

  • Snowdonia National Park
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
  • Anglesey
  • Llangollen Canal
  • Bodnant Garden
  • National Slate Museum
  • Big Pit National Coal Museum
  • Conwy Castle
  • Caernarfon Castle
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Cardiff Castle

From dramatic coastlines like Pembrokeshire Coast to majestic countryside and mountains like Snowdonia, Wales is well known for its great outdoors. Historical landmarks like castles and fortifications are well maintained and make for great destinations.

Exploring the culinary landscape is also a great thing to do while you are on holiday in Wales. The combination of mountains and the sea not only makes for wonderful long hikes but also provide the ingredients for delicious food.

Where to Eat With Your Dog

There are many cottages in Wales that offer self-catering options which means that you can prepare food for yourself and your dog. However, if you would like to explore the local cuisine, there are also many local restaurants or pubs that are understanding and welcoming of humans who wish to dine with their dogs. The coastal area of Wales is famous for fish and chips along with beer so be certain to try that out.

Here are a few suggestions for where to eat if you should happen to be in the area:

  • The Black Seal in Anglesey
  • The Boat House in Anglesey
  • Scarlett’s Fish and Chips in Anglesey
  • White Eagle in Anglesey
  • The Crown in Anglesey
  • Dwell your Arms in Snowdon
  • The Lobster Pot in Barmouth
  • Last Inn in Barmouth
  • Royal Sportsman’s Hotel in Porthmadog

These and other pubs and inns serve a variety of local dishes from traditional Welsh lamb dishes to seafood. They may have inside seating for people with their dogs but those who do not allow dogs on their terrace dining areas.

Dog-Friendly Holidays

Going on holiday with your dog is a wonderful way to travel because you are able to share your joy of life with your equally adventurous canine companions. A well-planned holiday will certainly elevate your experience in Wales. Take into account how long your holiday will be. Plan according to the time you have. If you only have a weekend, then choose only one area of Wales to visit and then explore others at a later time. Given longer periods of time for a holiday, you can plan a road trip where you can stay at a dog-friendly cottage in a different area of Wales each day.

This basic guide to dog-friendly holidays in Wales barely scratches the surface of possibilities that you can discover when you travel to Wales. Plan your first trip there. It may be the beginning of many holidays exploring Wales with your dog.