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How to Bet on Sports If You’re a Beginner: 5 Tips to Consider

If you do a quick Google search, you can find a lot of articles and blog posts that will help you start your betting career. You’ll also find articles that will help you learn advanced strategies and techniques to make you win more often. However, while all of these articles claim to have been written by statisticians, betting veterans, or betting consultants, only a few of them can be understood by a person that knows nothing about gambling but is willing to learn.

On top of that, all of these articles aren’t certain to make you win more often as your chances of winning are based on how you approach the game. Without the proper knowledge required to play the game with an edge, you will be losing more often than winning.

But with the specific techniques that are aimed at beginners like you, you will surely become hardened and experienced with how betting is done. Here are some of them.

Do Your Research

Although luck is a significant factor in sports betting, there are also other things that will help you win more money. One of these essential factors is research. As mentioned above, research is one of the essential things you should conduct before going on ahead and placing your bets. You will be surprised at how many bettors don’t pay any attention to background research.

To start your research, find websites that tackle the status quo of the sport. If you’re able to, you can subscribe to at least a few of these sites’ newsletters so you’ll be up to date on the current news of that specific sport.

The next thing you should do is to look at the updated statistics of the sport. These statistics will help you make your decision on what to bet on the next time you play. You can also bookmark good sports betting sites like FanDuel, which offers you a good insight on the world of betting, advanced strategies, and current news.

Start Small

Betting efficiently takes time to learn. When starting out, always start small with your bets. From there, you get the experience you need to move on to higher bets. It takes time to learn this, so managing your money well by starting small bets will enable you to continue learning. With each small bet, analyze each situation that can help you win big. As with everything, you can’t win it all. In betting, wins and losses will tell you how to progress your betting game.

With every win and every loss, there’s a lesson to learn and hopefully, with those lessons, you’ll progress to bigger bets. As such, trying and trying even more can be beneficial for your experience but not for your pockets. Betting small until you get the hang of things, helps you in the long run.

Become a Fan of the Sport

You may have researched the basics of sports betting, but all of it will be naught if you don’t know anything about the sport. Before going ahead and placing a bet, you should know beforehand the sport like the back of your hand. Any beginner can place a bet and win with the right amount of dumb luck, but to indeed rake more money, you should know the sports and how to place bets in it.

You may know the basics of the sport itself, but to sustain your success in betting, learn more about the current season, make predictions about the next one, look at the statistics, etc. After you mastered a specific sport, you can then branch out to other sports to diversify your bets.

Understand the Home Team Bias

Usually, the home team wins more often than the visiting team. The percentage of the home team winning may vary from sport to sport, but it is undeniable that they win more often. Why is this important? Home teams win more often than the visiting team; thus, it will affect determining the best bet.

This is what they call home team bias. When determining the best bet between the two teams, you also have to consider that home teams win more often. That said, sportsbooks will often set the lines according to the home team bias. Even if the home team is the underdog, it’s still considered a smart and safe bet because of the rewards. Home bias is indeed a strong factor in betting decisions.

Learn to Take a Break

While you are hard at work learning everything you can about sports bettings and different sports, you will unintentionally place more stress on yourself. When you’re stressed, you tend to make questionable decisions such as betting more and betting aggressively. This state is called tilting. Tilted players lose a lot more than win.

That said, it is essential to take a break once in a while, especially if you are losing too much. Of course, having a winning streak will give you good momentum but you can only go too far with it.


Sportsbetting can be tough and risky if you don’t know what you are doing. By following the steps mentioned above and the right amount of research, you will surely have a basic understanding on how to win, thus giving you a bigger chance of winning more often.

However, these tips only ease you into more advanced strategies you will learn in the future. Over time, you will learn more about the advanced techniques that will give you an edge against other bettors.