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How to Live With Dementia

Dementia doesn’t have to limit your life. It doesn’t have to make your life miserable. With proper tips, you can cope with this menace and make life better. So, whether you are suffering from dementia or have someone living with this condition, this article is going to highlight the best strategies to improve your experience and become independent. This will make the work of caregivers easy. 

Caring for Yourself 

Live better with dementia by taking care of your physical health. Do regular exercises. If you can go to achieve, then do it. However, you should ask your doctor first. Eat balanced food. Practice yoga and meditation. They will make your health better. 

Psychological Health

Don’t ignore your physiological health. Don’t deny any emotion. Allow the body to experience different emotions. Also, consider joining a support group. There are different online forums that offer support to dementia sufferers. Also, you can join a local class or club. It will keep you emotionally strong. Have a strong social network—especially with those suffering from the same conditions.

Mental Health

Consider joining a yoga class. Don’t ignore family and friends. They are the best when it comes to care. Learn how to handle stress. Learn about the causes of stress. Establish boundaries when it comes to things you love. It will make others understand your explicit needs. Talk to a councillor. Ask for advice. Don’t stay in an environment that stresses you. Also, take breaks. Breathe deeply. It will keep off the stress. In your schedule, have plenty of relaxing based activities. For instance, listen to music, go for gardening, read a journal, or take a nature walk. 

It’s also important to learn how to control your emotions. Set realistic goals—it will help you cope with constant pressure that is commonly associated with dementia. Don’t do your tasks at the last minute. Do them on time. Also, be flexible. 

Advice for Caregivers 

When it comes to dementia, nothing takes centre stage quite like caregivers. With caregivers, patients can lead a happy life. However, dementia is a complicated progressive brain disease. Thus, it can be physically as well as emotionally challenging to caregivers. As a caregiver, train yourself the following things:

Keeping a Positive Mind

Getting your patient’s attention before speaking

  • Keeping it clear when it comes to massage. So, consider speaking slowly. Switch off electronic gadgets like TV and radio. Speak with clarity. 
  • Be clear with your questions. Ask simple questions—preferably yes or no. Don’t be in a hurry to get answers from your patient. Allow time to think.
  • Embrace humor in your conversation
  • Acknowledge the feelings of your patient. 

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let dementia prevent you from enjoying your life. With the above tips, you can live happily and as an independent person. From exercising regularly to purchasing a digital clock, these tips can help you live better with dementia. So, implement them and live happily. Good luck!