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IB-Finanzas Review – Details, Pricing & Features [Updated]

Of late, trading in financial markets has magnified to a greater magnitude. The arrival of the internet was a major push factor to the extraordinary growth. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of retail investors emerged and this caused a gold rush to invest in financial markets.

This rush pushed the need to review the financial brokers who are the pioneers of digital financial investors. IB-Finanzas also headed the call for this revolution to utilize the vibrant electronic markets and automatic execution.

Digitalization assisted in lowering costs to facilitate financial market trading, creating more efficient markets, and increased transparency for investors. IB-Finanzas is one of the bullish brokers of today.

Should you be interested in finding out about the giant financial brokerage firm IB-Finanzas’s services offered, the fees, customer service, and whether the broker is worth engaging when casting trade investments, then this review article is the right one for you.

IB-Finanzas is particularly known for facilitating the easy purchase, sale, and exchange of cryptocurrencies.  It has gained so much popularity over time since its establishment.

What Are the Benefits of Using IB-Finanzas

IB-Finanzas has lower pricing on its trading platform with the benefit of the vast choice of cryptocurrencies available to users. Moreover, IB-Finanzas is easy to use and beginners can easily navigate the platform. This trading platform allows execution of faster transactions, a better understanding of how your investment money is going, and the elimination of a middleman in trading.

What Are the Limitations of Using IB-Finanzas

Poor customer service reports are common with IB-Finanzas including where there are serious security reasons. Also, IB-Finanzas has many crypto coins missing from its impressive list of currencies.


IB-Finanzas employs an experienced team and top industry-leading security to keep its customer’s assets safe. Regular backup of transaction data is also implemented in the bid to ensure the security of customer data. The site is encrypted up to the bank level standard to deter theft from hackers. The trading site also uses two-step verification to prevent unauthorized assessment attempts and enhance the security of customers’ investments.

Opening an Account

The sign-up process is easy and quick. Upon sign-up, you will be required to enter personal information and upload proof of identity and proof of residence to open a verified account. As easy as that, you will begin to trade.

Customer Service

This remains an issue at IB-Finanzas  and most of its customers resort to self-service for assistance. IB-Finanzas however uses emails, a chatbot, an automated phone system as well as a help page to offer customer service to its customers.

Comparison with Other Brokerage Firms

There is immense competition in the cryptocurrency market and a very high risk of new entrants into the market. Other brokers offer exceptional customer service and even lower fees when compared to. However, there are firms below IB-Finanzas’s standards of operations.

Is IB-Finanzas Legit?

IB-Finanzas is a legit and fully registered and regulated brokerage firm. It complies with all federal laws and regulations and it is a registered company and a licensed finance brokerage firm. It is licensed by a tier 1 regulator – FCA which enhances its trust score.

Final Thoughts

IB-Finanzas, as shown in this review, is a top platform to facilitate the selling, buying, storage, and exchanging of cryptocurrency. It would be the best recommendation for traders in their early stages of the trade of cryptocurrencies. The greatest downturn of IB-Finanzas would be its price structure and dilapidated customer service.

The esteemed  IB-Finanzas boasts of a user-friendly trading platform, that offers users the tools they need and many trades options for users and users have the right to choose whether to take it or not.

IB-Finanzas is a great brokerage firm overall to learn and grow in the field of cryptocurrency trading. It would be worth it to start trading on its trading platform and get the hoops of crypto trading. Having said all this, why allow all this convenience to pass you by,  sign up at IB-Finanzas and start trading.