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Meet the Welsh sports firm transforming the gymnastics community

A Wales-based company has developed a world-first technology experience for the gymnastic community. FB Curves 3D Gym, offers new modern technology to enhance understanding, learning and development in the gymnastic world.

Developed by Cardiff born ex-international Welsh gymnast Kris Horrigan and fellow Director Fabien Bougas, of France, an ex-international French gymnast, 3D Gym MEN and 3D Gym WOMEN are fully animated 3D video apps, designed to help gymnasts and coaches understand every gymnastic element in detail.

The app  enables  accurate evaluation of positions and angles of the body needed to perform the elements with an ideal technique. This helps dissect and visualise every stage of gymnastic elements in depth – which will support with accurate judging in top level competitive competitions.

Over seven years of research and development found that the gymnastic industry was lacking the technology and tools to help develop the sport and aid participants with the same technical support as other sports. Not just targeting the elite performers and clubs, FB Curves 3D Gym has concentrated on also making these products available to all levels of gymnasts, coaches, teachers or clubs.

The concept had never been introduced into gymnastics until Kris and Fabien developed it. They worked with many Olympic and world gymnasts, international coaches and judges, seeking advice and trialling the app. The consensus from professionals was that the product was worth the financial investment and would add value to the sport.

Director, Kris Horrigan Says;

“ A lot of time and research has gone into this product to ensure there was a market for it in the world of gymnastics. This will benefit gymnasts, coaches, judges, circus artists , free runners and parkour performers. It will also be used as an educational tool in schools, colleges and universities.

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This is a first in the gymnastics word on a global scale, no other product like this exists. We are really excited to help develop this sport in terms of technical support to help with accuracy on technical ability. At present we have 5,000 paying users and 125,000 downloads of the free version of the app across 100 countries over the world.”

Nile Wilson , (GB squad, Commonwealth Medallist and Olympic medallist) is an ambassador for  the company and is part of the business team helping to grow the business in the gymnastic community.

He Said:

“ I am so excited to be involved in the adventure with FB Curves 3D Gym. I feel what has been created is game changing for our sport and it is the future of learning “.

FB Curves is affiliated with a number of federations including, Welsh Gymnastics, French Gymnastics Federation and is currently making plans to work with UEG (European Union of Gymnastics) who stated they “fully support FB Curves 3D Gym for their support and services to the development of the sport”.

The next stage in developing the business is working across the wider gymnastics community including arenas, competitions, seminars and lectures.