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Nine golden rules for successful casino gaming

When it comes to non GamStop casino games, the chances of winning always come first! Although these games are designed to give players a good time, the main objective of all GamStop players is always to make money! However, most of the ideas, strategies and patterns that gamblers depend on do not give them the desired results. So, we have decided to present to you the nine golden rules that you can rely on to achieve the profits you wish from casino games.

Find out the RTP rates of non GamStop casino games first

Although the RTP rates will not have a direct impact on the gaming experience that you will get, it will definitely give you insight to the games that pay the most. For example, when you choose roulette and bet on red, you are about 50% more likely to win your bet. However, when you bet on a jackpot slot, this percentage drops significantly.

  • Online Roulette: The RTP percentage of online roulette games range from 94.7 to 98.6%. It is best to bet on a simple chance such as red/ black or even/ odd. Click here and get more info.
  • Blackjack: The RTP percentage of online blackjack games range from 97.3 to 99.9%. It is important to make a wise decision in every round and keep the basic strategy on hand while playing.
  • Slots: You should trust your luck and be aware that losses are not uncommon.
  • Baccarat: The RTP percentage of all Baccarat games ranges from %74.9 to 98%. Betting on a tie tends to be avoided in baccarat. You should trust your luck and be aware that losses are not uncommon.
  • Video poker: The RTP percentage of all video poker games range from 99.1 to 99.5%. The statistics table can help you increase your chances of winning at video poker.

Choose the best non GamStop casino

Even before you start playing in the casino, you lay the first important foundation stone. Namely when selecting the provider that is personally suitable for you. Take your time, read our test reports and casino comparisons, for example.

Of course, you can also create accounts with several providers and use the respective strengths of the providers for yourself.

Set your budget

You should define a budget so that you can play in the casino in a relaxed manner in the long term. This can be a daily, weekly or monthly budget. The primary goal should be that you never invest more in non GamStop casinos then you have personally available for leisure pursuits.

Find out about bonus offers

Find out in advance which casino welcome bonus is available to you and which conditions you have to meet. So you can get the maximum out of your deposit and have the greatest non GamStop casino fun.

Even if you are already active, checking the offers pays off. Because the game providers also have attractive special offers for existing customers.

Enter your correct data

Lies have short legs! This also applies to the registration of your user account. Only provide your correct and actual data. Because at the latest when you want to have winnings paid out, providers are obliged to check the correctness of your data.

Get to know the bonuses

The range of games offered by the casinos is immense. Get an overview and take cautious first steps. Many online casinos give you the opportunity to test products such as slots for free. Use this opportunity to gently familiarize yourself before putting your money on the line.

Don’t chase the losses

Those who have a streak of bad luck believe that they have to win back lost bets. It can easily happen that you headlessly chase after the loss and thus risk even greater losses. Therefore, always keep a cool head and never approach the matter haphazardly.

If necessary, take breaks from playing. This does not only apply to losses because we also recommend taking a break in good time if you think you are on a lucky streak.

Meet all the conditions before creating your withdrawal request

As already mentioned, the primary goal in the casino should not be the thought of winning. But of course, it is quite realistic to achieve profits with a good strategy, perseverance and the necessary luck.

It is advisable to withdraw any winnings from the game. Which in and of itself works just as easily with reputable casino providers as the deposit.

You just need to have met a few basic requirements.

  • Your account must be verified, your identity must be clearly proven
  • The correct payment method must be chosen
  • If applicable, bonus conditions must be met

The identity verification process is often referred to as KYC (know your customer). It is not sufficient to identify yourself with a passport or identity card. You must also be able to provide unequivocal proof of your stated place of residence. This is possible, for example, with a current telephone bill or electricity bill.

Nowadays, the documents can be scanned and sent to the provider or uploaded to the user account.

When paying out a certain amount (over 2,300 euros) or changing the payment method, this check is now standard and required by law.

Although it may seem tedious, this process is a sign that you are dealing with a reputable company and ultimately it is also for your own safety.