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Offshore Vs Local Gaming Operators

Although offline gambling seems to be a heavily regulated pursuit, international jurisdictions cannot impose the same laws in the online context. So, apart from locally regulated operators which come with strict administration and outside control, customers can also access the offshore betting sites that can easily dodge all these rules. Offshore licenses are offered by legitimate jurisdictions such as Curacao, Comoros, and Costa Rica. Moreover, offshore sports betting operators at NonGamStopBets.com  are great in ways such as they provide you better offers as they cover multiple countries and also, they don’t need to pay any Local Corporation tax or withholding tax. So, we have casinos operating under both offshore and local gambling authorities.

There are pros and cons to both the licenses which you need to be aware of before investing your money and time. So, read ahead to know more!

The Curacao Gaming License

Off the coast of Venezuela, you would spot a small island called Curacao. Curacao eGaming, one of the best betting license providers, is expanding rapidly throughout the gambling world. Curacao bookies not only provide a top-class gambling experience but also freedom from GamStop bookies.

The Curacao Gaming Control Board oversees all the matters related to gambling and it was first established in 1999. The easier verification process, easy payments through credit cards, and extreme popularity among EU gamblers make Curacao stand out.

Sites registered with Curacao offer a plethora of e-sports betting ranges as well as live betting. These sites even provide mobile optimization for their punters. Furthermore, many top online sportsbooks are located on that island are Curacao casino operators which means that you can gamble offline and bet online on your preferred sports from the same destination. The Curacao licensed sites are accessible throughout the UK and offer top-notch policies around responsible gambling and self-exclusion, though they aren’t on Gamstop.

The Malta Gaming License

In 2000, the first Malta online betting website was launched. In recent years, Malta has acquired itself a pretty great reputation for licensing various gambling sites. Malta has also emerged as an offshore financial services center due to the formation of a significant number of financial institutions and international banks all across the country. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) regulates online gambling that involves B2C and B2B operations. They also take care of land-based offline gambling such as casinos, lotteries, amusements.

The Comoros Gambling License

Located off the east coast of Africa, there is a country made up of small islands called Comoros. This country has served as a major licensing authority for online bookmakers since the year 1999. It was during the period when Anjouan, one of the islands, formed the Comoros Gambling Licensing Act.

Comoros ensures that no fraud takes place in the online casinos that Comoros has licensed. Comoros add fraudulent casinos to the Rogue Casino List. This jurisdiction body has lenient licensing requirements. Comoros grants licenses to many offshore casinos.

Which One Should You Go For?

If you go for offshore bookies, there are a number of benefits:

  1. Better Gaming Collection: Offshore bookies provide you a highly sophisticated and entertaining collection of games. The jumbo gaming collection will easily hook you for hours.
  2. Accepts punters from multiple countries: Gamblers from all across the world flood in the offshore bookies. More people mean more wagers which means greater winning chances!
  3. Better and exciting bonus offers to look forward to: The brilliant gaming portfolio along with an exciting promotion page is hard to miss in various online bookies. Offshore betting sites indeed offer you an awe-inspiring collection of bonuses than the locally regulated ones. They have better diversity and very fewrestrictions.
  4. Independent bookmakers do not fall under any local jurisdiction. So, they are free from any outside control. Less outside control means less jurisdiction which means greater freedom.

It is a known fact that offshore gambling operators do not possess robust licenses such as UKGC. Therefore, safety might be an issue. Curacao licensed sites may not be fully scam-proof as they have very lenient gambling regulations. So, local gaming operators who are monitored by local jurisdictions might be a better option for punters if you are worried about your safety and security. Also, if any dispute is raised, you can just raise a complaint at the local jurisdiction body and they will solve it for you without delay that can be expected in the case of offshore gambling sites.


There are good and bad to both local and offshore gambling houses. You should decide according to your requirements. While offshore gambling sites provide you amusement without limits imposed, they cannot provide you the same amount of safety that local gambling jurisdictions provide.