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The hidden spa in Cardiff city centre that you didn’t know existed

It has raving reviews and it opened three years ago

For the last few years, Lush in Cardiff has been secretly hiding a spa above its shop on Queen Street.

I’m sure that if you’re a regular spa customer, you may have discovered this little gem already, but for most of us (I think), you wouldn’t know it was even there.

From the outside, it’s a Lush store like any other.

Lush Spa, located on Queen Street in Cardiff.

And inside is pretty normal too.

It’s only when you venture upstairs, taking the exclusive lift for spa customers, you begin to realise that this isn’t like any other Lush shop you’ve been to before. It has a spa.

The hidden lift for spa customers

What immediately hits you is the fragrant smells, all set in cosy cottage surroundings, which is modelled on the kitchen of one of its founders.

I am told that each of the trinkets and items on display have been hand picked and sourced from across the UK, exclusively for this location. I have no reason to doubt any of this as the attention to detail and quality of everything you see is completely genuine. Everything from the wooden floors, to the freshly picked flowers and crafted seating areas.

This is what you can expect

Upon arrival to the Cardiff store, a member of staff will be waiting at the entrance displaying your name with your spa time. Nice touch.

You are then taken up to the spa area via the exclusive spa customer lift (it’s all very fancy).

Your Lush therapist will greet you and show you around the facilities, instantly putting you at ease and making you feel comfortable. You are invited to make yourself at home, before your consultation begins.

We were lucky enough to be invited to try the brand new Renaissance treatment – something that is completely new and launching on Friday 14th February, just in time for you spa lovers.

Renaissanc​e is a 40 minute treatment, (£75.00), a meditation on fragrance that aims to provide you with complete escape, transporting you to a different place, time and reality with guided meditation through the power of perfume and touch.

A quick flick through the visitor book reveals hundreds of happy customers. And by the looks of it, the Tales of Bath treatment seems to be a popular one.

Simply Gym get physical for National Fitness Day

For those of you that haven’t visited a spa before, there is a handy guide explaining the various nakedness levels (I thought you’d like to know).

Carla, who was our therapist, was absolutely brilliant. Extremely professional and polite, as you might expect. Carla was also very knowledgeable of the fragrances, which she helps you choose as part of your consultation – based on your current mood and feelings.

The new treatment follows the opening of the Lush Perfume Library in Florence – the birthplace of modern perfumery during the Renaissance which has greatly inspired both.

Lush Spa fragrances

The Renaissance treatment is all about appealing to your senses. The sense of smell, touch, sight, sound and taste, all play an important role and nothing is missed out in this experience.

Everything is tailored to you, from choosing your own fragrance to the matched music. Therapists are trained to feel the energy of the customer, whilst choreographing each movement to the music.

As someone that finds it difficult to relax, and admittedly, it did take a few minutes to feel comfortable half dressed in front of another person (even if you are completely covered in a towel). It was a pleasant experience, which did leave me feeling relaxed and energised.


You simply cannot get over the fact that the hustle and bustle of the city centre is just outside. You wouldn’t know, you can’t hear anything other than carefully selected music chosen for your experience.

Throughout your experience, you are never rushed. At the end of your treatment, your therapist invites you to drink a hot cup of (the name escapes me). It isn’t a tea, but more of a flavoured hot drink that looks like something The Alchemist would prepare. Again, the flavours that you are given have been matched to your whole experience.

It’s the small details that make the Lush Spa amazing as it is.

To find your local Lush Spa, please click ​here.