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Discoveries made at Newtown antiques valuation event for Marie Curie

Maryanne Lineker-Mobberley, Alexander Clement and Abigail Molenaar (all seated) from Halls Fine Arts with members of Marie Curie’s Newtown Fundraising Group.

A pair of stools by Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson, an Omega watch, an Art Deco desk clock companion and a 1794 Cary’s Map of England and Wales were just some of the discoveries at a charity antiques valuation event in Newtown on Wednesday.

The event was organised by Marie Curie’s Newtown Fundraising Group at the Monty Club in partnership with specialists from Shrewsbury-based Halls Fine Art. A fee of £1 per item valued contributed to £125 raised for the charity on the day.

Alexander Clement, watches and Asian art specialist and senior general valuer, Maryanne Lineker-Mobberley, silver, jewellery and bijouterie specialist and Abigail Molenaar, who specialises in paintings and prints, were available to value items.

The ‘Mouseman’ stools, which have the characteristic mouse carved on them, are valued at £300 each, while the near pair of Chinese blue and white vases and the desk clock companion are expected to each fetch between £80 and £120 at auction.

Two books, Cary’s Map of England and Wales and Midsummer’s Night Dream lllustrated by Arthur Rackham, are valued at up to £150 each, while three 19thcentury posters from the Prince of Wales Theatre, Birmingham, in worn condition, are expected to fetch up to £80. All these items will be sold at future auctions held by Halls Fine Art.

Items assessed by Maryanne included a collection of gold sovereigns at up to £4,000, a £1,500 sapphire and diamond ring, a nine carat gold watch and matching bracelet  and a single stone diamond ring at up to £900 each.

Paintings viewed by Abigail included a still life by German artist Julian von Ehren (1864-1944), valued at up to £800, while Alexander also saw an Omega watch with a potential value of up to £3,000 and a few examples of a collection of fire plates, which were attached to properties in the 18th and 19th centuries to signify that they were insured. The collection as a whole was valued at up to £300.

The Halls Fine Art team thanked Marie Curie’s Newtown Fundraising Group for organising the event and the people who attended to have items valued.

“The Newtown area and Mid Wales in general have been very productive for Halls Fine Art in terms of the valuable antiques that we have sold from this region,” said Maryanne.

“At our Asian Art sale last week, we sold a collection of snuff bottles for £12,000 and a Tibetan figure for £4,600. Both the collection and the figure came from Mid Wales, as did a collection of gold coins that sold for £19,000 and three early 19thcentury Grand Tour marble models of famous Italian landmarks that made £6,000 at auctions earlier this year.

“These treasures are out there in homes waiting to be discovered. We are always keen to hear from anyone wishing to have collections or potentially valuable items assessed without obligation to sell. Contact the fine art team on Tel: 01743 450700.”

Llinos Hughes, chairman of Marie Curie’s Newtown Fundraising Group, thanked Halls Fine Art for supporting the event and the Monty Club for hosting it. “It was a successful day and the people who kindly came to have things valued seemed to be happy with their valuations.

“I never cease to be surprised by the range of things that people bring to be valued. We are very grateful for the generous support we receive from Newtown and surrounding area.”