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Cardiff company tackling pet odour ahead of Bring Your Dog to Work Day

With 45% of the UK population owning a pet – a pet population of 51million – it’s clear we’re a nation of animal lovers. Top of the pets – and proving that we’re simply potty about our pooches – is man’s best friend, with one in four of us owning a dog.

Tomorrow (21 June), Bring Your Dog To Work Day returns and encourages owners to spend their working day with their four-legged friend while raising awareness of the health benefits that having a dog can bring. Reduced stress and anxiety, and increased relaxation and productivity are just some of the pros of owning a pooch. However, as any responsible owner knows, there are also negatives. One of the biggest pet peeves for dog owners – which a Cardiff company has developed a unique solution for – is the pungent odour they can leave throughout the home.

Genesis Biosciences, a leading microbial and anti-microbial product developer, has launched its Evogen Professional range of biological cleaners which guarantees to kill the odour at the source. Investing over £2.5m and thousands of man hours into research, development and scrupulous product testing at its laboratory in Capital Business Park, the company identified specific Bacillus strains to safely address the pongy issue faced by millions of pet owners.

Emma Saunders, General Manager at Genesis Biosciences and owner of nine-month-old cockapoo Max, explains how the revolutionary Evogen Professional range can easily and safely permanently eradicate unwanted odours and pet urine smells from the home.

Emma said: “The odour neutraliser product that Genesis have created uses a three-pronged attack on bad odour to deliver innovative and effective results. Firstly the Eco-benign® odour counteractant binds any existing odour molecules by encapsulating them and making them too large for the olfactory receptors to detect, next the fragrance delivers a fresh, clean scent and finally, the beneficial Bacillus in the product degrade malodourous compounds in the application area, so that the odour is prevented at the source.

“Normal air fresheners – or odour masking products – simply hide the bad smells for the short term but don’t tackle the problem at source. The Evogen Professional Odour Neutraliser contains beneficial bacteria which can overtake the harmful bacteria as well as break down odour causing compounds. As a safe and environmentally friendly biological neutraliser, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals found in its odour masking counterparts and can be safely used in pet bedding, blankets, furniture, carpets – anywhere in the home.”

Like all other products within the Evogen Professional range, the Odour Neutraliser has been tested thoroughly and is manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.