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Love during Pandemic: How has it changed the world of dating in Wales?

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Let’s be honest. It’s hard to get rid of your single status in 2020. The entire world of dating in Wales (and everywhere else on the planet, really) has drastically changed since the onset of the pandemic. We are trying to stop the spread of a virus by putting social connections on hold. So, what to do if you’re lonely and searching for love? Or, even trying to keep that bond with a special someone?

You need a real way to expand your social network. The more you forget about your dating patterns that worked when things were “normal,” the more firmly you face a new world’s relationship challenges.

How singles in Wales and all over the world can find love in a time of social distancing

Don’t be shy about going online. The Internet perfected the means of connecting with single people searching for love, so exchanging messages via a mobile dating app is a quick way to find love during social distancing. First, be descriptive about who you are, what you offer, and the kind of relationship you seek. For example, a 25-year-old with an art degree has different needs than a 60-year-old retired woman with four kids! Maybe they both can succumb to your charm, but you are probably looking for someone within a specific bracket.

Be sure to say what you are looking for: a casual fling or a partner for the next few years, or even for life. Once you contact a few girls you really like, seal the deal, and have fun, even staying apart. Now dating women is more comfortable and safer online, so dating sites and social platforms stand out as more popular in this time of social distancing. Make the most of the interim experiences because the world will return to normal or to a modified version of what life was like before, and you’ll find these new behaviour patterns and date ideas helpful.

New technology for the first date online

As we are adapting to social distancing, services are adapting too. In 2020, many dating apps have added video chat options to stay connected with your romantic interest. They also make it easier to perform background checks on new contacts and to integrate social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. Be careful about what you include to protect your safety and reputation. Build your connections and attract girls by uploading selected content from social media sites. Treat your profile like you would a Facebook account. Only share what you aren’t worried your boss will see online.

Socially distant date ideas for singles that aren’t just a walk or a video chat

Give each other a room tour. Using your tablet or smartphone, show your friend a tour of your favourite spots in your home. Treat it like an actual date – clean your house beforehand, prepare cool stories about memorabilia you keep, laugh a lot and ask questions about your date’s home too.

Make playlists for one another and listen together

Capture your mood while making a playlist in Spotify or Apple Music to your date. It is a fantastic way to convey and share your emotions without close contact. To make it really personal, focus on new tunes created this year. Share your favourite live performances given by music stars in quarantine or during careless “normal times” – that way, you can fantasise which performed you should see first when this is all over.

Have a meal together

Plan your meal. Decide, will you both prepare the same dish, or try to up one another by cooking the best meal out of everything you have in your house. Or compare which recipe you both consider the best of all and promise to treat each other once you meet in person.

Then, cook the food. Set the table. Sit and eat together. Have a lively chat using your video conferencing platform. Talk can be on an app like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

Have a game night… Maybe even through a window!

If you live across from each other, you can even play charades by your window. But that’s not often the case, so consider modern means of bonding, namely, online gaming! Grab on your headset, connect on Discord or any other service, and play some games together. Think Borderlands or A Way Out if you want to cooperate, but if you are both competitive – try a hit game from this summer’s top lists, like bright and colourful Fall Guys or always suspenseful Among Us.

Have Fun

When you create an online persona on a dating app, it is easier to talk to people. You don’t feel as anxious as you would meeting a stranger in a bar. In the privacy of your home, you don’t need a boost from beverages to loosen up. While you can like many profiles, at some point, narrow your choices. For online relationships only, there’s no rush to focus on one person, but if you found that connection – treasure it!