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Review: Six by Nico’s taste of New York menu, Cardiff

Credit: Wales 247

Six by Nico’s Cardiff restaurant opened its doors eight months ago, and now, diners can sample its latest menu, which draws inspiration from New York City.

To truly capture the essence of New York cuisine, thorough research is essential. That’s precisely what the Six by Nico team undertook, mapping out the various restaurants they visited along the journey which they incorporated into the design of the menu. Chef Nico and his executive chef team flew to New York for four days to learn about the city’s multi-cultural heritage through their taste buds. These meticulous details add depth to the dining experience, enriching it with authenticity and insight.

From street food trucks to late-night hot dog stands, family-run pizzerias and fine-dining food experiences, it goes without saying that New York City’s food scene is one of the best in the world. And this is exactly what the team deliver.

Credit: Wales 247

The menu is available with either regular dishes, vegetarian dishes or a mix and match of both. The 6 Course Tasting Menu is £42pp if you wish to have the Matching Wines from course 2, there is an additional cost of £30pp.

There’s a selection of snacks available starting at £5 should you wish for an entree with either Sourdough bread or Chicken Parm with a vegetarian option of Aubergine Parm. This time we opted to skip the entrees and go straight into course 1.

Course 1 – we opted to try both the regular and vegetarian dishes

New Yorker Slice & Cookie

Credit: Wales 247

Pepperoni Ragù, Panzanella, Pecorino Foam Truffle NY Black & White Cookie

Inspired by Table 87 – 87 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn and Joe’s Pizza, 7 Carmine St, Greenwich Village

Panzanella salad, Pecorino Foam Truffle NY Black & White Cookie

Inspired by Joe’s Pizza, 7 Carmine St, Greenwich Village

There are very few differences between the two dishes and upon first sight they look exactly the same. 

The menu starts off with an explosion of flavour, particularly from the Truffle NY Black & White Cookie. There is no right or wrong way to eat this dish, dunk the cookie, eat it separately either way enjoy. The truffle cookie packs quite a punch and crumbles without the need to bite it. When mixed with the pepperoni ragu and panzanella, it’s a pizza with a difference.

Course 2 (regular)

B.E.C – Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Credit: Wales 247

Smoked Bacon Belly, Confit Egg Yolk, Potato Rosti, Trapanese ‘Hot Sauce’, Parmesan Beurre Blanc

Inspired by Daily Provisions, E119th Street, Union Square
Wine pairing – Malepère AOP. Le Pic des 3 Seigneurs, Domaine Girard (Languedoc, France)

This is a great take on breakfast, with a hint of subtle heat. Think crispy bacon dipped in an egg yolk over easy and a hash brown. The parmesan beurre blanc was delicious, because who doesn’t love cheese even if it is with breakfast.

Course 3 (regular and vegetarian)

Pastrami Sandwich

Credit: Wales 247

Ox ‘Pastrami Sandwich’, Choucroute, Pickled Kohlrabi, Battered Gherkin, Frenchies Emulsion

Inspired b Katz Deli. Lower East Side and Shelsky’s, Brooklyn
Wine pairing – Rosé DOC, Vile Metamorfosis (Dealu Mare Romania)

Probably the best course on the menu, the complimentary flavours and textures were devine. The pastrami was mouthwatering and fell apart with every bite, add in the frenchies emulsion and oh boy will your taste buds sing. 

The pickled kohlrabi is light and sweet and surprisingly so was the pickled gherkin. What first comes to mind when thinking about pickle flavours is the bitterness of the vinegar, when you add the saltiness of the batter there’s a surprising sweetness to it. 

Little Italy

V: Hazelnut Ragu, Pappardelle Pasta & Crispy Sage

Credit: Wales 247
Inspired by Parm, Mulberry Street. Little Ital
Wine pairing – Rosé DOC. Vile Metamorfosis (Dealu Mare, Romania)

This was a recommendation so we couldn’t pass up giving it a try. The pasta was very rich and creamy, the addition of the crispy sage enhanced the dish as well as blending textures. 

Course 4 (regular and vegiterian)

The Everything Bagel

Credit: Wales 247

Grenobloise Coalfish, Salt Baked Celeriac, Wild Garlic, Caper & Brown Butter Foam

V: Grenobloise Salt Baked Celeriac, Wild Garlic, Caper & Brown Butter Foam

Both dishes inspired by Russ & Daughters. 179 E Houston St. Lower East Side
Wine pairing – Grillo Sicilia IGT, Baglio Sicano (Sicily, Italy)

The name for this course is a bit misleading, though we’re not overly disappointed it would have been very interesting to have a mini bagel.

Again for this course we opted for both the regular and the vegetarian options. 

The regular dish is served with coalfish, this is topped with seeds inspired by the bagels from Russ & Daughters. The salt baked celeriac has an unexpected sweetness to it, when mixed with the caper and brown butter foam the intermingled flavour really make this dish. 

Course 5 (regular)

“Double Chicken Please”

Credit: Wales 247

Buttermilk Chicken, Hot Honey Sauce, Jalapeno Ketchup, Thai Basil & Hazelnut Pesto

Inspired bv Double Chicken Please, 115 Allen St, Bowery

The heat of the jalapeno ketchup in this dish is not so subtle and could leave your nose running and gums tingling, though if you’re a spice lover this is the dip for you. The hot honey sauce is sweet, the thai basil and hazelnut pesto has a nice crunch but leaves an aftertaste even after dessert and a toothbrush before bed. With two types of chicken in this dish and three dips there’s an abundance of options. 


Lobster Roll – Lobster & Crayfish Roll, Shellfish Emulsion, Lemon Gel & Toasted Brioche Bun – £10

Wine pairing – TaxI Cab, Casa Americo (Dão. Portugal)

We decided not to have the add on. With the cost being £10, it’s not too much extra.

Course 6 (regular)

Lower East Side Apple Pie

Credit: Wales 247

Baked Apple Creme, New York Cheesecake, Dulce De Leche, Cookies & Cream Anglaise

Inspired by Ellens Special Cheesecake, Lower Manhattan
Wine pairingGrains de Plaisir, Cotes du Gascogne IGP – Cave du Marmandais (South West France)

Is it fair to claim you’ve truly experienced New York dining if you’ve skipped dessert?

What sets this menu apart, and is a rarity, is the inclusion of the inspiration behind each dish. It’s a delight to trace the culinary journey via a map as you progress through each course, the Six by Nico team’s extensive knowledge shines through. While there’s an abundance of information to absorb, with each course served, your server expertly guides you through the origins of the dish.

This menu offers a splendid introduction to the flavors of New York cuisine with Nico’s own twist, of course.

It’s gratifying to witness the burgeoning popularity of this establishment within the city. During our Sunday afternoon dining experience, we found the restaurant bustling with diners. Despite the crowd, service effortlessly flowed from kitchen to table.

The New York six-course menu is available at Six by Nico restaurants across UK and Ireland for six weeks between Monday 8th April and Sunday 19 May, 2024.

Bookings are now open at https://www.sixbynico.co.uk/experience-newyork/