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The World’s Most Trusted Wine Critics And Gurus

Wine ratings play a significant role in identifying the quality of each wine brand in the market. They exist centuries ago to make sure that every vineyard produces the best wine labels in the world. In rating a wine label, there are several critical factors to consider. These factors might include a variety of wine, classification, body type, maturity, origin, etc.

Each wine rating follows a specific scoring scale, and some are also using a different system. These wine scores come from various wine critics and reviewers. The ratings come with a definite description that represents the value and the quality of the wine label after tasting. The scoring and rating procedure undergoes a critical process that’s why every vineyard puts a full effort when crafting a specific wine label.

In general, there are lots of wine critics and reviewers you can find and there are only a few of them who do a consistent job. There are only a few critics that come trusted with most consumers using their scoring scale. It is because some reviewers lack experience at the same time the rating they gave does not match the taste and performance of the said wine label.

To learn more on these wine’s ratings, here are the most trusted wine reviewers and critics in the world of winery business. They existed for so long. Their consistency when it comes to reviewing each wine label has made every consumer choose the best brands they opt to purchase.

Robert Parker (Robert Wine Parker Advocate)

Robert Parker is one of the most popular and trusted wine gurus in the whole winery business. He was part of a blind tasting study, and his reviews were all fair and just. Robert Parker follows a 100-point scale system which already existed for more than 30 years. Many winery businesses have adopted his policy, and he has worked with first and notable vineyards in the world.

He owns a  Wine Advocate which produces a publication that comes bi-monthly. He was one of those critics who rated Bordeaux vintage wines as the most elegant and premier wine in the entire world. He worked with renowned vineyards like Napa Valley in which most of the ratings of their wines use the Robert Parker Scale. Here is the Parker wine 100-point scoring scale.

  • 96-100 – it is considered as the most extraordinary type of wines without any flaws.
  • 90-95 – these wines are outstanding, but the flaws are not identifiable.
  • 80-89- above average or very good wines with noticeable flaws.
  • 70-79 – an average type of wines
  • 60-69 – these are below average wines
  • 50-59 – these wines are no longer acceptable

Wine Enthusiast

The Wine Enthusiast is a magazine-bases wine reviewer the publishes the review of the top wine labels in the market. This magazine was established since 1988, which features different reviews regarding wine spirits and lifestyle headlines with regards to the usage of the wine. It also includes wine reviews regarding travel, entertainment, etc.

The volume of this wine magazine publishes 14 times annually, which caters over 800,000 readers worldwide. They also have a website called Winemag.com, which you can read reviews regarding wine labels, recipes, and food pairings.

Dave Sokolin

Dave Sokolin is a leading American fine wine merchant that critics the world’s premier wine labels. He also writes reviews that will draw inspiration to all entrepreneurs in investing in every premier wine label. His scoring system uses IGW or Investing in Graded Wines. It features the importance of getting wine labels which has a high value to style and region where it was crafted.

He also provides an extensive review regarding the techniques that successful fine wine merchants use to make their wine labels salable in the market. Dave Sokolin has established IGW for over 50 years, and his ratings and reviews have made a considerable impact on every winery industry.

Decanter Magazine

It’s a wine-lifestyle and magazine media brand that offers various wine newsletters and updates. It also features wine tasting shows which a lot of blind and live tasting happens that identifies that grade and score of each wine label. They publish a volume monthly, which is present in every country.

It is a wine review magazine focuses on wines being sold in the United States and the United Kingdom. The content also shares thoughts that both the producers and consumers can use with regards to their wine production and purchasing. They also produce in-depth reviews with regards to the regions in the U.S and U.K that provide top-rated wine brands.

Wine Spectator

It is one of the leading wine lifestyle publications that features various wine cultures. They also give out wine ratings to a specific wine label which adopts a Parker 100-point scoring system.  Wine Spectator produces around 15 volumes annually, which includes thousands of wine reviews and tasting shows.

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