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Welsh Hollywood star Matthew Rhys tells stories at Penderyn’s new Distillery

In a star-studded visit, Welsh actor Matthew Rhys, renowned for his US success in HBO’s “Perry Mason”, made a spirited appearance at Penderyn’s new Swansea Copperworks Distillery. The Emmy-winning actor and Penderyn ambassador brought Hollywood glamour to Swansea, sharing tales of Tinseltown and raising a glass to celebrate Penderyn’s exceptional multi-award- winning whiskies.

Born in Cardiff on November 8th, 1974, Matthew Rhys trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), and has carved out an impressive career starring in hit series such as “The Americans” (which he won an Emmy for), “Brothers and Sisters”, and most recently, as the iconic lawyer in “Perry Mason.” He also starred alongside Tom Hanks in, “A Beautiful Day In the Neighbourhood.” His visit to Penderyn’s Swansea Copperworks Distillery was a delightful mix of storytelling and toasting, as he explored the craftsmanship behind Penderyn’s acclaimed whiskies.

Penderyn CEO, Stephen Davies, played host to the actor who now lives in New York, guiding him through the distillery’s state-of-the-art facilities and exchanging laughs and anecdotes. The day was marked by the clinking of glasses and the sharing of Penderyn’s finest whiskies, creating an unforgettable experience in the heart of Swansea.

Matthew Rhys, a long-standing friend and ambassador for Penderyn, expressed his excitement about the new Swansea Distillery, saying, “Penderyn keeps raising the bar, and this Swansea spot is a gem. It’s not just about great whisky; it’s about the stories, the craftsmanship, and the Welsh spirit that makes Penderyn unique.”

Penderyn CEO, Stephen Davies, shared his enthusiasm, saying: “Having Matthew Rhys drop by our Swansea Distillery was a wonderful moment for Penderyn. He’s been a long-term friend, having visited our HQ in Penderyn in 2015, and Matthew’s passion for charming storytelling and appreciation for exceptional whiskies align perfectly with what Penderyn stands for.”

As a Penderyn ambassador, Matthew Rhys continues to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Wales, celebrating the unique heritage and craftsmanship of Welsh whisky. His visit to the Swansea Distillery adds a touch of Hollywood magic to Penderyn’s commitment to producing exceptional whiskies.