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10 Biggest Casino Jackpots in UK History

Every casino player always dreams of winning the jackpot. In fact, this is the motivation for most players visiting the casino. However, it often looks like a difficult feat. Interestingly, some casino players have stumbled on luck and won huge casino jackpots that changed their lives for good.

In the UK, some casino players have also run into luck and won jackpots too. Most of the jackpot winners never planned for it, nor did they envisage it. Let’s take you through some mind-blowing prizes won by some casino players. 

£52,032 Jackpot on Tania

A player from Liverpool was shocked when she won £52,032, with just £0.40 playing Tania. The winner of this jackpot is anonymous.

It appears that Tania is not among the popular Jackpots in the UK and other African countries. Interestingly, you can also find some online scratch cards for South African players that offer huge jackpots too.

£259,937 Jackpot on Casumo Casino

Sadia had just registered with Casumo casino a few months ago before winning this jackpot. Not to mention, she staked only £4 to win this prize. 

£2.7 Million Jackpot on Mega Fortune Dreams

A 59-year lady called Susan never imagined that a whopping £2.7 million would be topped on her retirement benefits. Just like every regular Casumo player, Susan spent a few quid playing Mega Fortune Dreams, and suddenly within a few minutes, she became a millionaire.

It was a rude shock for the soon to be retiree at that time. She screamed so loud her partner thought something was wrong with her. 

£2.7 Million Jackpot on Mega Moolah

Just last year, another regular player won £2,772,916 million playing Mega Moolah. However, the player also chose to remain anonymous after using £6.5 to win the prize. 

£3.6 Million Jackpot on Mega Fortune

This amazing jackpot was won by another anonymous player in 2015. According to the UK media, the player was not a consistent gambler. He won this big prize after staking £10 at a BGO Mega Fortune slot game. 

£4.5 Million Jackpot on Jackpot Giant

An anonymous player from Glasgow, Scotland, won the second-biggest jackpot in the history of Playtech. She logged into her online casino account and chose to play Jackpot Giant. Surprisingly, after trying a few times, she became a winner of the £4.5 Million Jackpot.

According to a newspaper report, based on her job then, she had for 170 years to earn such an amount of money. It doesn’t seem bad for a little after-work fun. 

£6.2 Million Jackpot on Mega Fortune Slot

Wellzyc told reporters he just staked £1.25 on Mega Fortune at BGO casino to win £6.2 million. According to Wellzyc, he was confused when the message popped up on the machine: he had won a jackpot. Who wouldn’t be? Such messages don’t show up on a slot machine often. 

More so, the jackpot was won during the Christmas holidays. Wellzyc said he was going to take his family to Disney and make other investments.

£6.3 Million Jackpot on Hall of Gods

Neil from Aberdeen became a millionaire after a few minutes of registering at a UK online casino website. He won a whopping £6.3 million playing the Hall of Gods slot game.

According to Neil, he had made an initial deposit of £30 but had only used £4 on a single bet to win the prize. Still in shock, Neil had to call other family members to verify that he had won the prize. That was how Neil became a millionaire with a single spin on slot games.

£7.9 Million Jackpot on Mega Moolah

Another anonymous player in the UK won £7.9 Million playing Mega Moolah on Zodiac Casino. According to reports, the winner goes by the Username D.P. The win made it into the Guinness Book of Worlds Record.

£13.2 Million Jackpot on Mega Moolah

Can you imagine winning such a huge jackpot with just £0.25? That is how Jon Heywood became a millionaire overnight. The English soldier staked only £0.25 to win a £13.2 Million Jackpot on Mega Moolah. Jon was so shocked that he kept the whole thing a secret. He reported to duty like every other soldier.

However, after several days he told his family members about winning the jackpot. The report says that he used part of the money to foot his ailing father’s medical bills. 


Winning jackpots don’t come that easy. From the stories of those that won these huge prizes, it does appear that they were not consistent gamblers. In other words, you don’t have to be a gambling expert to win jackpots at casinos.

Nonetheless, apart from luck, a few gambling tips will also be helpful. Not everyone is lucky like the jackpot winners mentioned above. Some professional gamblers in other clans have used a few skills to win jackpots. It’s most likely that it is a story for another day.

Finally, winning a casino jackpot will change your life. Guess you have been inspired by the various stories. You can also win a huge casino jackpot someday. Until then, you can claim tax reliefs for your job expenses via new government policy. Also, considering the economic hardship that the pandemic has caused, this development is a good idea.