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10 ways to improve your health and fitness in just one week

Getting yourself in shape in just one week is a tall order, but with a few handy hacks, you can start to get your body and mind on track. Remember that it’s not always essential to see immediate results and just knowing that you’re heading in the right direction will set you up for a better future.


If you have never tried meditation before, then you are in for a treat that will revitalise both body and soul. There are many ways to achieve that ‘zen’ state and you don’t have to go it alone if you don’t feel ready. 

There are many different channels available on YouTube and even Netflix series devoted to this subject, so there’s no excuse for not realigning your chakras right now!

It all begins with being at one with yourself and your surroundings and recognising that the world is going on around you and it’s impossible to block it out. Rather than fighting it, meditation will help you find peace within yourself and everything that’s going on in your environment in order to let you disconnect and set it all aside for a moment. 

It doesn’t have to be for hours at a time, in fact just a few minutes of meditation each day will do you the world of good.

Be mindful

You can’t control everything all the time so there is no point in focusing on a thousand different tasks and expecting to be productive in every aspect. It is important to take the time to switch off everything that doesn’t matter at that time and keep yourself in the moment while you enjoy a little ‘you’ time.

This can be achieved in several ways and if you’re interested in iGaming, then this can be a great escape to let you forget about things that don’t matter for a few minutes. It doesn’t have to cost a great deal of money and there are some online casinos that will hand out bonuses to get you started. 

Choosing a low wagering casino it’s the perfect place to start as you won’t have to play through your bonus credit a high number of times and stay engaged with the games for extended periods of time. 

Other types of games are, obviously, available and you don’t have to go down the casino route if you don’t want to. Playing regular video games or trivia games can also be a fantastic way to improve your mental health and forget about everything else for a little while.


Many of us have a natural desire to surround ourselves with lots of material items that we think will make us happy. However, the contrary is often true and stripping back our lifestyles and physical trinkets can pay dividends.

You could try going through your clothes, shoes and other items that you may not use and pack them all up to send off to a charitable cause. Not only will you be doing your mental health a huge favour but you’ll also help somebody who could really use those items.

Sleep more

It can be difficult to get enough sleep each night and many of us suffer from sleep-related disorders due to stress. You need to try and forget everything that’s on your mind as you go to bed and give yourself a period of time to wind down and relax before going to sleep. 

If you don’t take a moment to disconnect, then our brains continue to whirl away in the background while we try to sleep. If possible, do your best to get at least seven hours of sleep each night and avoid alcohol and other indulgences for a while before heading off to bed. 

You might also want to try taking a warm bath to relax your body and mind before turning in for the night.

Get moving

Much of what is happening in our minds can be eased by getting out there into the great Welsh countryside and taking part in some form of physical activity. Spending a little time with nature will heighten your mood and help you relax, while at the same time giving your body some exercise. 

You’ll find that you will sleep better and be able to deal with the regular stress of day-to-day life much easier if your body is in a fit and healthy state.

Eat whole fruits

Getting more fruit into your diet is always a great option, as you won’t need to fill up on processed, sugar-laden products to keep you energised throughout the day. You can also opt for nuts and grains to give you more slow-releasing energy to keep the tank topped up. Tasty chocolate treats are okay in moderation but they shouldn’t be your go-to fix.

Cut alcohol

Alcohol can be a double-edged sword and while we think we are relaxing with a few glasses of wine, the knock-on effects on our evening’s sleep and other areas of our lives cannot be understated. Cutting down alcohol intake will provide many benefits—not least saving you a few quid in the process.


Yoga, Pilates and general stretching are all fantastic ways to release that lactic acid from your stiff muscles and help your body relax. These types of light exercises are low impact so won’t put your joints through any unnecessary pressure. In addition, you’ll also benefit from increased production of endorphins and other favourable chemicals that perk us up during the day.