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3 Best Holiday Shopping Tips in 2020

Holiday shopping usually means spending lots of time in stores, among vast crowds and high stress so that we end up buying things we would not normally consider, just to get something crossed off the list so that we can go home and rest our weary feet. However, holiday shopping is 2020 is already not a typical year. Individuals are making different choices to normal, largely due to the pandemic and concerns about uncertain economic situations. Even though 2020 has been a challenging year, here are three tips to ensure that you have the best holiday shopping experience that all can enjoy.

1. Spend more on gifts, less on travel

Many people want to spend more this holiday season to keep some of the traditions alive, and certainly it makes sense to spend more on gifts if you are saving money by not travelling as you normally do. The choice to spend on special gifts, like an everlasting rose for your girlfriend, fiancée, wife or mother will show the depth of your love and appreciation whilst bringing some beauty into her home decor. If you need to cut spending because of financial insecurity, choose one special gift rather than a stocking full of smaller gifts.

In the season of goodwill, making a purchase from a newly discovered online store could be an act of generosity to help the business survive into the new year and a site to return to when looking for gifts in the future. Your loyalty is likely to be rewarded in the future with advance notice of new products as well as other potential bonuses.

2. Shop online

It is likely that you have already shopped online in 2020, even if you have never done so before. If you feel uncomfortable shopping in stores, even if you miss going to physical venues, doing your shopping online is simple. With COVID-19 restrictions, nearly all brands have a good online presence offering an intuitive shopping experience that offer simple payment options, excellent online customer service around the clock in many cases as well as personalised recommendations. With e-commerce sales up by about 35 per cent, it appears shopping online has worked for many in 2020.

Shopping online also allows you to support local, independent stores with purchases that can be bought either as a “click and collect” option or via delivery. You can choose to have the gift delivered gift-wrapped and with a personal message directly to the recipient or sent to your home to gift personally.

Expect longer delivery times

Companies are struggling with keeping up with the increase in online traffic and the impact on logistics. Despite hiring additional drivers, many businesses are extending delivery times to be clear to customers when they can expect their item. Also, be prepared for higher fees to cover costs. If possible, buy online and pick up in store.

3. Meaningful gifts are popular

The usual gifts given in the holidays are likely to be different in 2020. While tech gifts will always be popular, consider gifts that celebrate those you have been missing this year. Pampering gifts, including beauty products, fitness equipment health and comfortable clothing will be more popular than ever before, but also home décor gifts to brighten the home. These décor gifts will also remind them of the person who sent the gift.

With so much time at home, your recipient may have discovered or rediscovered activities that they plan to continue, this could be cooking or gardening or maybe they have taken up homeschooling or exercising at home.