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3 Things to Remember When Getting Custom Business Signage

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

No matter who you ask about good marketing practices, good outdoor signage is always part of the list. It is like the default among all the other strategies out there. In addition, it is also referred to as the face or the visual representation of a business. This is also regarded as the reflection of the philosophy or values the business upholds. In fact, several studies proved the positive impact signages had on businesses which included the boosting of their sales, increasing customer loyalty, and emerging business relationships.

Good signage can make or break a business because this is the first thing people notice and judge whether it is worth spending the time to visit and check your products and services. It is important to establish a good first impression even with just your outdoor sign as a business owner. But remember, coming up with good signage is not a piece of cake as it is composed of separate elements that would require necessary attention and preparation. So, we have compiled a list of steps to consider when getting custom business signage.

1. Planning your sign’s layout

This is the foundation of making your customized signage because this is where the discussions, ideas, budgets, and design are being tackled. Before anything else, you have to consider this signage production as a major project of your business because aside from the fact that it would need a large amount of money, the entire process would also take a lot of time. From the planning stage alone, it would take days just to finalize the signage’s layout. This is because you have to take into account all the necessary aspects such as the materials, measurements, location, visibility, manufacturing processes involved, and most importantly, the design.

With that being said, there are important activities that are required to be carried out to ensure the accuracy of details. These activities are countless researches for the design inspirations, finance management, material evaluation, submission of legal requirements, selection of color palettes, consultations from experts, comparison of potential manufacturing companies that would be responsible for making the signage, and many more. Yes, these are not mere activities done under the planning phase; these are crucial processes that need to be accomplished to produce a well-designed layout.

It is only appropriate that the company should be giving importance to these steps because it helps them save time and money. Not only that, the efforts of the people or the committee in charge of facilitating the whole signage production procedure are not put in vain.

2. Manufacturing process

Whatever has been finalized during the first phase will now be accomplished in this specific stage. After you have chosen the manufacturing company, you will be informing them about the product they will be creating. All the necessary details will also be shared with them so that they will have an idea of what should materials to get, which processes should involve and how much will everything cost. The creation of the signage will commence as soon as both parties have agreed on the conditions and other important details.

The company should also be transparent and informative about what goes on during the fabrication process. They should be able to answer any questions or clarifications that you will be raising in order to better understand the work that is done. Just because the people involved may be professionals in the field of metal fabrication does not mean you have to leave them to do their job. You also have to supervise or monitor every action that is being applied because this is a project that your company has invested in. So, you have to carry out measures to ensure that the custom business signage that they are creating should meet your team’s expectations.

3. Placement of the signage to its designated area

The stage you are finally waiting for, the last phase of the signage-making process.  Once the company has finished its job and has met your expectations with the output, you can request their assistance on the installation of the sign. But if you have a team within your business that you can rely on to do it, it is also fine. Just make sure that the installation process also complies with the installation standards to avoid any mishaps and accidents.


Getting custom business signage entails lots of patience, dedication, and willingness to help the business progress. An outdoor sign may not be like other marketing strategies such as commercial advertisements, flyers, mascots, and social media sharing that do not need lengthy preparations and expensive materials, but it does develop the character of the business. It does its job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, consistently showing off the essence of the business it represents. Since it does not need to approach people one by one, it only stays there to convince them why availing the business’ services and products are worth the try.