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5 Suggestions to Make HR’s Job Easier and More Efficient

For less-established organisations, establishing your workplace’s HR department can be tasking for all parties involved. Although human resources might not be at the top of your priority list at the outset of your organisation’s life, it plays a vital part in your business. With the responsibility of looking after your business’s recruitment, benefits, welfare, and other needs, the workers within your business’s HR department have a lot on their plate.

These daily responsibilities can quickly add up and create a taxing work environment for the individuals working within your HR department. To avoid this, most workplaces make a conscious effort to implement innovative solutions such as holiday management software and cloud-based storage systems to make their HR workers’ roles more manageable and efficient.

However, the sad truth is that many companies do the bare minimum to make operations smoother, meaning that their HR department is still restricted by the traditional roles of documentation that can hinder more than help. It is more than necessary for workplaces to ensure that the functioning of their HR department is effective; to help you with this, we’ve listed several suggestions below for making HR professionals’ job’s easier and more efficient – continue reading to learn more.

Automate Tasks Using HR Software

It’s time that companies outgrow traditional roles of documentation and stop viewing their HR department as a place full of manual processes, piles of paperwork, repetition, or other pressures and start reaping the rewards that HR automation can grant. Routine, repetitive, daily tasks take away an HR worker’s focus which could be otherwise used in other work areas to create a more fulfilling experience for all.

To prevent this, these monotonous tasks must be eliminated through HR automation so that HR workers can put their focus and energy into genuinely completing their roles to the best of their abilities. Nowadays, HR software can automate various tasks that HR workers experience daily, such as time-off management, employee performance reviews, secure private documents, backup data, application/hiring processes, etc.

Start enjoying the benefits of HR automation at your workplace today and consider looking into some of the various HR software available to businesses from providers such as Factorial. As well as assisting HR professionals with time management solutions, their software system can also help in other areas of HR like talent management and even legal/financial issues. Use their website to look at their software system to manage time off and other products or request a free demo today.

Utilise Cloud Servers

Nowadays, plenty of technologies and software solutions assist HR professionals with their daily work tasks. In particular, we have seen a rise in the number of modern-day HR departments ditching traditional documentation roles and filing in favour of cloud computing systems which averaged a network of 141 billion US dollars in 2018.

Cloud servers are so attractive to HR professionals for many reasons. Some of the most prominent reasons for utilising cloud servers are accessing work-related documents or servers anytime and anywhere, increased security, increased storage facilities, and better organisation.

Making the switch to alternate storage systems can also help your workplace aesthetics since you will no longer require filing cabinets, reducing the amount of paper and folders piled up on desks. Plus, the less paper you have cluttering up your workplace – the less you’ll be using! Another environmentally friendly advantage of using cloud servers for your workplace HR storage needs.

Aim To Give Employees Regular Feedback

Receiving or giving feedback cannot be overstated when it comes to the successful running of a workplace department. Giving members of your department and other workers regular feedback helps them to better themselves, much like how employee feedback can offer heads of department and business owners an insight into working life.

You might think that giving feedback is reserved for annual appraisals; however, making a conscious effort to provide constructive criticism can help employees’ ongoing development and save your HR department time. We’re not suggesting that you constantly give the members of your HR department feedback – only when it’s due, whether it’s negative or positive.

Not to mention, by the time your annual appraisal arrives, the feedback you previously compiled for a specific individual may no longer be relevant, or the moment in which the input was needed may have already passed. Doing so will enable employees to recognise the skills, talents, or areas they need to work on, which will help them grow and eventually master these skills.

Giving constructive criticism also reaps business benefits as it can help solidify the relationship between management and their workforce by clarifying what is expected of them. Therefore, making employees feel valued and promoting a better work culture.

Manage Effective Communications

When you have a long list of responsibilities to manage and maintain each working day, it can quickly grow tedious to shift through lengthy, boring, and uninteresting emails, notes, and documents. To avoid this, your HR department should focus on managing communication effectively to save time and become more efficient in your role.

For instance, suppose that you have been assigned the task of sharing the information about a new project/policy with the whole of the department. Instead of relying on repetitive, monotonous forms of communication such as emails and direct messages, you could consider using video-hosting platforms like Zoom or Skype.

These platforms allow HR professionals to convey necessary information concisely and precisely with time to answer any questions once the informant has finished speaking. Unlike forms of written communication, which often result in a dozen emails flooding your inbox after sending the original message, asking questions about the new policy/product.

Video-hosting platforms are also helpful for HR departments that have a mixture of remote and in-house staff. Since these meetings can occur at any time in any place, eliminating the hassle of waiting for attendees.

Outsource (If You Can)

It’s no secret that HR professionals have their hands full with an array of workplace responsibilities and routine, repetitive, or monotonous tasks like admin and employee training which can be a challenging workload to shift every workday. However, for HR departments lacking the number of bodies to alleviate their daily workload efficiently, they can hope to lighten their load to a certain extent by outsourcing specific tasks to trained professionals.

Much like how there is a range of tools and software to assist HR professionals with their daily work tasks, for businesses who can afford the expense, there are also a variety of professional HR services available for outsourcing. Nowadays, you can enlist the services of individuals whose primary job description is to deal with almost any business service that needs outsourcing, from payroll to I.T services or marketing and administrative tasks.

For instance, you may decide that your whole company’s I.T would benefit from being outsourced. Enlisting the services of a professional I.T team would then eliminate the need for your business to deal with any I.T problem again, as your chosen outsourcer would do everything involving I.T on your behalf, from handling updates to monitoring cybersecurity measures. Saving the business time that would have been otherwise spent on training employees to do this, or the costly expense of calling a contractor each time something goes wrong.