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5 Things Future Tenants Will Want In A Bathroom

If you really want to make your property stand out for a tenant, then a bathroom is the perfect space to do it.

Future tenants are always looking for many things regarding an appealing property, but as cleanliness is so important right now, the perfect bathroom will be high on the list of tenants’ priorities. A bathroom that is both luxurious and hygienic to entice tenants is entirely possible but you’ll just have to make the right moves in terms of your choices of fixtures and design. If you’ve got the chance to renovate or start your bathroom from scratch, then here are some things that tenants will expect in the coming years.

Using sensor taps

The world is already quite familiar with sensor taps from bathrooms in restaurants and airports, for example, but a recent trend is seeing them installed in home bathrooms as well. Sensor technology is pretty useful for preventing the spread of germs, as there’s no need to touch any handles or levers (it also helps prevent water waste in case someone forgets to turn off the tap). Plus, they also look incredibly sleek and modern for a futureproof bathroom. Touchless soap dispensers are a great addition to any bathroom, as it’s simply another step for preventing everyone touching the same surface. See here and discover if this tech can work for your bathroom.

Providing towel hooks

It might seem like an obvious addition to any bathroom, but hanging up towels the right way is probably something that many people forget about at first. Towel hooks or racks are important for towels to dry properly and to ensure that hygiene standards are kept so that no towel is touching another. After all, wet towels are a common place to find germs and mould if not dried properly. It’s usually better for every person living in the home to have their own hand towel to help prevent infections spreading, so placing several towel hooks along the wall gives tenants options that they might not consider.

Installing a floating vanity

A standard sink/tap setup without a vanity is perfectly fine for any bathroom and is perhaps the most common sight in the average home. Still, a vanity provides you with a lot more counter and storage space for bathroom accessories, but what’s even better than that is a floating vanity. This means that the vanity isn’t attached to the floor, but the wall itself, so cleaning with a vacuum and mop is so much easier and germs and dust can’t get trapped. Tenants are always looking for extra storage space in a bathroom, but the hygiene and decorative factors are yet more bonuses.

Consider underfloor heating

While this could be deemed as somewhat decadent, no one will turn up their nose to underfloor heating! Especially great in winter and autumn, underfloor heating in the bathroom removes the chill of walking barefoot on the cold floor and actually does a good job of heating the bathroom overall. You won’t need it on all the time, but tenants will definitely love it if they know it’s there.

Useful and chic design choices

Go for something a bit different and install a circular mirror instead of the standard rectangular or square mirror. It just helps to differentiate your bathroom from others. As well, an in-shower recess shelf is a super trending option for the wall, as it’s a stylish and cool space to store shampoos and body washes without needing metal shower racks.