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5 Tips How To Travel With Children By Bus And Not To Get Crazy

Holidays with children are an oxymoron for most parents who dream of lying down on a chaise longue and lyingdown. After all, most often you have to deal with the whims of a child on excursions, persuade him to get out of thepool, go from one cafe to another in search of a children’s menu. We have collected 5 tips for parents on how to relaxduring a family trip, and for all participants in the process.

Relaxing on the beach as an option

To make it more appealing to the child, consider renting a bus charter with a driver. As a rule, children are carried away by an interesting road as much as the rest itself. You are free to move, plan your route yourself, you can stay in your favorite locations as much as you want.

When you find yourself on the beach, do not force the child to get out of the water and leave the beach, it is better to swim with him and for your own pleasure. If you have the strength, build a sand castle with the children, ride on a swing, touch the water with bare feet, plunge into the underwater world — such activities are interesting at any age.

Don’t take everything with you

A trip with a very young child under the age of one year, as a rule, does not pose any problems. Well, unless you need to stock up on diapers in case. Another thing is when the trip will be with a toddler or a preschooler.

Of course, traveling on a large bus does not limit you in the amount of luggage, however there is no need to take everything with you. Everything you need can be found in a super modern bus, and, which is very convenient, you don’t even have to look for a hotel for overnight stays. The main thing to remember is to prepare entertainment for the child on the road, so that it turns into an exciting event for the baby, and not into a boring torture.

What does your child eat? Make a list

Many children turn up their noses at broccoli and fruits and in general do not want to eat unfamiliar dishes.

Before the trip, make a list (preferably written, not mental) with the products and dishes that your child eats. Based on this list, choose cafes and restaurants, their menus can always be found on websites or in social networks. By the way, such a list will be useful to you in everyday life, in your hometown. While traveling by modern bus you will be provided with a fully-equipped kitchen so this can make a process a little bit more simple.

Animators — a reliable plan B

However, if you prefer to choose a hotel rather than using your travel bus as your private house – animators cometo the aid of parents. Children are not very interested in looking at old paintings and sculptures. But to perform funtasks of an animator in the pool, repeat dance movements after him or play pirates — young travelers like it.

Do not be afraid to give the child to animators, to children’s discos or to children’s rooms. Such activities will allowyou to get precious hours of personal time, and will give bright emotions to children. No washing, cooking andcleaning.

In general, let the child do what he wants

During trips, children, in principle, should not be invited to all excursions with them. Let the child rest the way helikes to do it. Want to splash in the sea? Okay, no problem, but the swims are only with an inflatable circle. Afraid ofbig water? It’s okay, why force you to go to the sea if the hotel has a swimming pool.

Are they on the phone? Yes, but they breathe fresh sea air, and the screams and quarrels of older schoolchildrendo not convince.