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5AM start for bargain hunters in South Wales with 100,000 records on sale!

It’s 5AM, it’s the start of Autumn (meteorological), it’s a quiet Saturday morning and music fans have already begun to form a queue outside Retro Vibe Music. Why you might ask? Well, with the offer of over 100,000 records up for grabs at great prices; the queue stayed steady way into the afternoon.

Retro Vibe Music in Barry, South Wales had prepared for the clearance sale for days and anyone visiting could see why. The store was literally full to the ceiling with vintage vinyl, CDs and other music memorabilia.

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We got here at 8, got in about 9.30 and we have just got out and it’s 12

Ellie Williams, from Chepstow, South Wales

It’s fair to say that if you arrived early you may have had a better chance at a truly amazing find but far into the afternoon bargain hunters were still exiting the store with not only a smile on their face but large stacks of vinyl in hand. There truly was something for everyone and many who waited (for hours) spent just as long searching the contents of the store.

We got Radio Ga Ga as well as the Greatest Hits.. Ray Charles.. Rock ‘n’ Roll Stuff

There were groups of friends, young couples, older couples, daughter with Dad, son and Mum – you can see where I’m going here? If some of the customers exiting the store had been wearing red and blue fleeces brandishing the BH logo I wouldn’t have been surprised. People worked as teams (just like Bargain Hunt) with clear lists of finds in mind and a strategy in place as they closed in on the top of the queue before being let loose inside.

We got ‘There She Goes’ which was meant to be £15 so it’s a steal.. got it for 50p!

Benjamin Thomas, from Barry, South Wales

All in all the day was a huge success for the store and for the music lovers combined. Join us again for some more bargain hunting.. yes? Yes!!! (throw foot into the air excitedly).