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7 quirky courses that you didn’t know were on offer in South Wales

From pet first aid to sea shanty singing

Learner on the DJ Skills and Music Production course

Wales’ largest further education college, Coleg Gwent, offers an extensive selection of unique courses, tailored to every imaginable interest or career path — with several course registrations now open for autumn intake.

Alongside courses that encourage professional upskilling or even full career pivots, many of Coleg Gwent’s courses are hobby-based — empowering individuals of all ages to pursue new passions, from jewellery making to photography and singing for pleasure.

Here are 7 niche hobbies or specialist skills that you can pick up at Coleg Gwent this year…

  1. Cat and Dog Basic First Aid

We all know the importance of first-aid skills for the benefit of family, friends, colleagues or even strangers — but what about our pets? Taught by qualified veterinary nurses, this course covers everything you need to know about first aid for cats and dogs — from CPR protocol to dealing with emergencies like poisonings or fractured limbs.

Whether you work for a rehoming organisation or are just a cautious pet owner, this course could end up being very useful.

  1. Introduction to Face Painting

Delegates on this course will learn techniques in the art of painting characters, animals, and beautiful patterns — on faces. Whether you want to learn for work, volunteering, or to impress the kids at home, this course is perfect for those with an artistic flair.

Don’t forget your camera — after this one-day course, you’ll want to start a full face-painting portfolio!

  1. DJ Skills and Music Production

Whether you’re a budding producer or an aspiring DJ, this course serves as a stepping stone to developing essential skills in music production and DJing.

With no prior knowledge needed, learners will receive a hands-on introduction to the decks and the Ableton Live and Rekordbox DJ software.

  1. Fixing a PC / PC Maintenance

Transform into a tech guru with this hands-on course, offering the opportunity to gain essential skills and knowledge with immediate, real-life application. Learn how to troubleshoot the most common hardware and software problems, taking you from tech novice to IT saviour!

  1. Sea Shanty Singing

If you were taken in by the old-timey TikTok trend of 2021 — which saw a very catchy sea shanty called “Wellerman” go viral — then this course might be just the thing.

Ideal for learners with a passion for singing, harmonies, and music, Sea Shanty Singing welcomes those of all skill levels to study the traditional folk song genre. The only requirement is a love for music and the ability to work collaboratively with others.

  1. Clipping Horses

This course is tailored to passionate horse owners eager to master the technique, level up their existing knowledge, or save money on outsourcing. Are you ready to take the reins and become a clipping pro?

  1. Furniture Upcycling and Craft

Designed for beginners, this course covers the basics of upcycling, painting techniques, staining, and the use of tools and products to breathe new life into old furniture.

This cost-effective course is perfect for homeowners or renters alike — whether you’ve just moved house and are looking for ways to refresh your interior décor for less; or simply want to help the environment by repurposing furniture that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Whichever course takes your fancy, Coleg Gwent offers great flexibility — with full-time, part-time, evening, and online courses available across hobbyist and professional development subjects.

The course programmes are designed with the needs of adults in mind, helping to balance busy work schedules, family life, or other commitments — to provide learners with the opportunity to pursue personal and professional development at their own pace.

Victoria Davies, Assistant Principal – Curriculum & Quality at Coleg Gwent said: “We’re dedicated to helping learners of all backgrounds and interests to unlock their potential — not only enhancing professional skills, but personal growth and the development of new hobbies too.

“Our diverse range of free and flexible courses make it possible for learners to pursue their passion at a time that’s convenient for them, meaning that embarking on a learning journey has never been easier”

For more information on the above courses, or to apply, visit: www.coleggwent.ac.uk.