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7 Things To Do After a Home Remodel

A home remodel takes a lot of planning, hard work, and stress. Even when you think the work is done, there are still a few things you need to do afterward to make your home the best living space you had envisioned.

Do a Final Walkthrough

Before making the final payment, do a last walkthrough with your contractor. When doing this, take a careful look at each area of the house that they worked on to point out the things they have done well and some that you are not satisfied with. Most contractors will take care of any imperfection you notice to ensure you are 100% happy with their work.

Clean The Home

Home remodels are messy, with the level of mess created depending on the type of work done and the length of the project. Most contractors will put some effort into cleaning the mess they create., but you should also be ready to do a final cleanup before you start using your new spaces.

Some companies specialise in such cleanups and they take special care to clean areas that you might not think about cleaning.

Remember to check for dust inside the cabinets, kitchen drawers, storage spaces, and even spaces that did not have any work done. This is something you can talk about with your post-cleanup crew.

Shop For The Different Spaces

Once the remodel is done, you might want to buy some new items to go with the new spaces. What you shop for will depend on what areas of the home were redone. For example, you might want some new rugs, carpets, and curtains if the contractor has remodelled the living room.

For the bathroom, you might need a new shower curtain and some anti-slip mats that protect both you and the tiles below. Also, consider shopping for some new towels to complete the luxurious feel if you have got a new bathtub or shower.  Get some comfortable cotton towels from UK retailers like The Towel Shop for your new bathroom.

Consider some new appliances and lighting options for areas like a remodelled kitchen.

Buy New Furniture

In addition to shopping for the new spaces in the home, you should also consider buying some furniture, especially if the remodel included a new addition or a complete revamp of the living space.

You should shop with the rest of the house as well as the new remodel in mind to ensure the furniture is a great fit. Also, take measurements before heading out to ensure the furniture you buy fits where you need it to.

You could also consider second-hand furniture. If you go this route, take your time to check if the furniture you end up with still has lots of years, hopefully, decades, of life left in it.

Prepare To Paint

Your remodel project will likely include a new coat of paint for the areas the contractor focuses on. But what happens if you would like to have a uniform look if one area of the house has been damaged during construction? Depending on your contract, the painting might not be included, so you would have to do it yourself.

Fortunately, doing some DIY painting is not difficult, especially if you are working on smaller areas. You can also ask the contractor to paint the rest of the rooms for a uniform look if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Register Your Warranties and Update Your Insurance

Take some time to gather all the warranty information you need about any new appliance and product added during the remodel. You should fill out all relevant warranty cards and documents and send them in. Check if there is an option to fill them out online to save yourself some time and effort.

While doing so, it is also a good idea to call your insurance company to update your homeowner’s insurance. You will need to adjust your limits because you have added to the house and the remodel has likely increased its value.

Learn To Maintain The New Home

Many remodel projects include the use of materials that you may not be familiar with. For example, you might not know how to take care of a hardwood floor or natural stone tile. The best time to learn about their care and maintenance is right after the project is complete.

This type of maintenance should be included in your maintenance checklist, which can help you prolong the life of your home while also saving you time and money on repair or replacement costs.


There may be some more work to do after your home remodel is done. That may include some cleaning, shopping, organising things, and putting together a maintenance list. These tasks will ensure the final result is the home you have always wanted.