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A Day of Life at a Nursing Home

Nursing homes are the best possible solution for anyone who can’t properly take care of themselves, as it provides the right care, surveillance, and help anyone can ever ask for. But to some, it’s still a mystery as to what and how nursing homes operate – and to simply put it everything is planned and oriented towards the person and their well-being. Here is a representation of how a typical day at a nursing home looks, to have a better understanding of how important and helpful these nursing homes are.

Start of the day

Day in the nursing homes starts as early as 6 to 7:30 AM when all the activities and important tasks for the day are sorted. Patient care is key in all aged care homes and the daily routine varies from resident to resident. Some may need medicine first thing in the morning, some need help walking to the bathroom – it all depends on the level of ability of the elderly person. Since most homes are divided into people with good or at least okay mobility and health and those who are permanently on bed rest. Most of them get check-ups every few hours and that’s about it for them, the staff will sort who is assigned to do what for the day for the rest of the nursing home residents. 

Getting ready

Staff will start coming into rooms and helping the elderly with their activities. Firstly, they’ll change them from pajamas into daytime clothes, washing them with sponges or taking them to the bathroom if they are mobile enough. On the other hand, those on permanent bed rest get a check-in, maybe a simple exchange of words with the staff, as socializing is pretty important in keeping a healthy mind especially if the person can never leave their room. The staff is there to ensure the closure and comfort of their patients.


The residents start to gather around and into the main hall or dining area where they can talk and laugh together while waiting on their food. The first meal of the day is extremely important and keeping everyone in good shape and with a regular diet is key. Some senior citizens lose their appetite or simply because of age. So establishing a good schedule is important in keeping the elderly in the best condition!


After breakfast comes regular daily activities like walking – if the person is capable, usually they’ll have assistance. Those who are able to, are welcome to be in the so-called living room, or area where the elderly can gather together, talk, read newspapers, watch TV, and do social things like that. This kind of communication and bonding is extremely important in nursing homes, as it boosts socialization leading to happier people and better mental health as it could start declining in elders. 


Many residents get visitors, friends, and family members coming on a weekly basis to see them. This is a precious time for both the elderly and the loved ones. This is usually happening in the room of the elderly person, but sometimes they can even bring them to the common room to meet the rest of the elderly people there. And sometimes the elderly person can even walk outside with the visitor and take a stroll around the nursing home. But at the end of the day, it all depends on the condition of the person and are they mobile and active for those things are not. But visitors are allowed for both mobile and bed rest residents!


Pretty self-explanatory, the staff brings meals to each person in their rooms, possibly with medication if needed. Some patients might have specific diets and strict foods to eat (or not) so much can vary from person to person. Also, this is a good time for the staff to look around if someone needs help or cleaning up!

The rest of the day

The rest of the day can differ, with few strict regulations like the nurse, working the night shift, go room to room and see if anyone needs anything, any additional care or medicine for the day. Other than that, some elderly folks may need to clean up, and some may want to watch some tv and chat a bit more with their nursing home pals. And on some special occasions, there might be a bingo night – where everyone gets together and has some fun. 

At the end of the day, life at a nursing home is a safe place for everyone who can’t take care of themselves, as they are in good hands 24/7, surrounded by company and friends!