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A diet plan turned this man’s life around and now runs his own business

Richard Smith

Diet and lifestyle change leads to dramatic quality of life improvement and staggering entrepreneurial success.

Richard Smith was plagued for years with debilitating migraines, anxiety and depression. No longer willing to continue to suffer, Richard switched to the Keto diet to see if this would help.

Within the year, Richard managed to loose over 100lbs, which gave him a major improvement in his quality of life.

Richard Smith

Continuing to live in the Ketogenic state has brought health and lifestyle improvements that seemed unimaginable a few short years ago. 

Ashley Lewis and Richard Smith in the UKBFF British Championship Qualifier.

This change was so profound that Richard decided to launch Keto-Pro.co.uk which provides a range of products and advice on how to live in the ketogenic lifestyle. In year 1 turnover was £130,000 with year two on course to generate £250,000 worth of sales.

Richard Smith – MD of Keto-Pro.co.uk said:

“Ketogenesis has changed my life beyond all recognition. Not only has it given me back my life, but it has created business opportunities that have changed the lives of my family and team. We are now moving towards our own range of Keto-Pro.co.uk products and have plans to rapidly expand the business.

“Again, not only we can see the power of fitness and how it can improve someone’s health, but the power that it can unleash elsewhere for people.”

You can see Keto-pro.co.uk at booth 4 at the Welsh Fitness Expo on June 6 at Cardiff City Stadium. To find out more go to www.Keto-Pro.co.uk or The Welsh Fitness Expo https://welshfitexpo.com