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A Guide to Gambling in Wales

Gambling is considered a very popular past time in Wales. Every week, thousands of residents place bets on their favourite teams as a way to show support. Gambling has been around in Wales for hundreds of years and therefore, it makes part of the history and culture. It was legalized back in the 1960s with some minor changes made in 2005 to enhance the protection of minors and vulnerable people.

Given that one can only find four land-based casinos in Wales, the choice is very limited and therefore, there surely is the opportunity for the online casino market. The land-based casinos in Wales are Les Croupiers Casino in Cardiff, Rainbow Casino in Cardiff, Grosvenor G Casino in Cardiff and Grosvenor Casino in Sawnsea.

As already mentioned, sports betting is very popular between Welsh supporters. Since the Premier League is a very popular event within the UK, it is considered as the most bet on event throughout the year. One can easily bet via a number of different websites and application that can be easily downloadable via a mobile phone. Other popular betting events include horse racing, rugby, golf and boxing. It is expected that online betting in Wales will continue to increase in 2021 since many land-based establishments had to close down due to the pandemic.

Welsh can also benefit from a number of promotions offered at online casinos on MrCasinova. Residents of Wales can find several online games that can replace the fun of cancelled sporting events. These include games such as roulette, poker and slots, besides others. Moreover, one can also take part in the national lottery, hoping that the picked numbers will be chosen. Although this type of gambling has become a sort of tradition for the older generation, it is now also gaining popularity with youngsters. This also includes the increase in scratch cards sold. These two different gambling games are known for being bought together.

Since most of the football games have sponsorships from gambling companies, the Premiere League is now the main driving force for the increase in gambling between Welsh residents. However, the government is concerned about the player’s safety and the problems that come along with it.

Therefore, if you are interested in gambling simply make sure that you are in control of your finances and that you know your limits. Nonetheless, Wales is considered as one of the best destinations for players who enjoy gambling online since all forms of gambling are legal and no taxes need to be paid on your winnings. Also, one can find a wide variety of casino sites to choose from with important aspects such as bonuses, customer service and payouts. Most of these casinos are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.