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All the ways CBD can help you

CBD is the miracle part of cannabis with a whole host of health benefits. There are so many good properties in CBD that are good for health and we know this because of the extensive amount of research and studies that have been conducted over the years. We also know that consumption method that plays a role in how healthy it can be for you, and one of the healthier ways to consume is through a concentrate vaporizer, like those available here https://dankstop.com/collections/concentrate-vaporizers, among many other methods that have become available. All of this information was brought about because of legalization which has paved the way for us to have this knowledge about CBD. Legalization has also made things more easily accessible through online stores. There are many ways that CBD can help medically so read on to discover a few.

Induces appetite, helps with sleep

A lot of people suffer from bad eating habits and sleeping disorders. Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy also have to deal with the side effect of reduced appetite. Food fuels our bodies and provides us with the necessary nutrients and vitamins that we need to be healthy. When a person does not consume a healthy amount of food, they risk losing weight, being malnourished, and other health risks such as low energy and more severe problems such as bone weakness and anemia. Many people also suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnoea which reduces their quality of life significantly because sleep is an important part of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. CBD is a great way to combat these medical conditions and it is 100% natural. There have been studies that show that 50mg-75mg of CBD will help induce sleep as well as restore lost appetite.

Treats pain

It is very common for humans to experience pain in their body whether it be inflammation pain, neuropathic pain, or nociceptive pain which is a result of tissue injury. Research has shown that the consequences of untreated pain are a decreased quality of life, fatigue, decreased disability, and even higher risk of depression. CBD, being the multipurpose drug that it is, helps reduce pain ranging from minor to severe. Research has shown that CBD suppresses chronic inflammation as well as neuropathic pain. For minor pain relief, it is recommended that you consume 500mg of CBD, for moderate pain relief 1000mg is recommended, and for severe pain relief, 1500mg is the recommended dosage of CBD. This is a great natural alternative to treating pain and you can consume CBD many times without building a tolerance to it.

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is a mental illness that affects most people in the world. Anxiety interferes with your ability to function properly and causes people to fall victim to overthinking, paranoia and can impact your heart rate and induce chest pain and high blood pressure. 300mg of CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety and a study was conducted where individuals were given CBD and a public speaking task. It was discovered that CBD decreased anxiety after the public speaking test because it contains anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) properties. This is a breakthrough because many individuals who suffer from anxiety are stuck taking chronic medication with many side effects.

Helps prevent Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that destroys memory and other major mental functions as a result of brain cells degenerating and dying. This disease causes severe physical and mental impairment which will result in the body gradually shutting down and the patient needing significant help to function. High doses of CBD have been shown to restore the function of 2 proteins that are key to reducing the development of what is known as beta-amyloid plaque, which is a hallmark of this disease. CBD also significantly improves cognition in the early onset of Alzheimer’s. This benefits the patient because memory and motor function can be restored.

Reduces seizures

When someone experiences a seizure, there is a burst of electrical activity between brain cells that is uncontrollable and causes temporary abnormalities in movements and muscle tone. Seizures can cause an interruption in breathing and in some cases, breathing completely stops which may lead to unexpected death. In 2018, the FDA approved a CBD treatment called Epidiolex that helps with seizures and epilepsy. Epidiolex decreases seizures by 42% and the only side effects are sleepiness, lethargy, and sedation. The benefit of this treatment is that it is all-natural with organic ingredients.