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Are you a good neighbour? How many of these do you tick

A study of 2,000 Brits has revealed the top 40 factors which make up the perfect member of the community, with 22 per cent of respondents in Wales believing they fit the bill compared to 15 per cent UK-wide.

Reducing food waste, donating to food banks, doing odd jobs for people and keeping the garden neat and tidy also featured highly on the list. While being trusted with the neighbours’ keys, pets and plants and shopping locally are seen as signs you are a good member of the community.

28 per cent of those surveyed in Wales say they have lots of friends in the local area compared to a UK-wide figure of 20 per cent.

But 55 per cent of those surveyed in Wales admitted they consider themselves to be ‘average’ citizens, who don’t go above and beyond in their local area. The research was commissioned by Redrow. Sales Director Beverley Wookey said: “Far from nightmare neighbours, this research paints a picture of the model citizens we’d love to live next door to. There’s a lot of conversation about community spirit and whether there’s enough of it in the UK at the moment.

 “We strive to deliver a better way of living for people, and that means thinking about the whole development and the community. Our research gives some great tips on how you can be the best citizen possible and brighten up the lives of those living around you.”

The study also found a fifth would consider someone who’s happy to help a neighbour jump-start a car to be a great citizen. While 17 per cent just want someone who, if they do own pets, ensure they’re not overly loud or annoying.

It also emerged 36 per cent feel ‘worthwhile’ when they do something they believe benefits their community, while 48 per cent have made good friends with their neighbours after coming together to work on a common goal.

The main benefit Brits would like from a more community-minded neighbourhood would simply be having someone to talk to (33 per cent). But a quarter would really like someone to bring in parcels for them when they’re away, and 25 per cent would like to go to more social events.

The study, carried out via OnePoll found 28 per cent believe there are fewer ‘model citizens’ in their area than there would have been a decade ago.

Beverley Wookey added: “Our research shows homeowners living with a higher level of community spirit are happier, which is why we ensure all of our developments follow our ‘Listen to Learn’ placemaking design principle.

“This approach recognises that a successful place to live is one which responds to the needs and aspirations of the local community and is thoughtfully designed to encourage sustainable community engagement.

“From taking in parcels to checking in on elderly members of the community, we understand that communities thrive when they are made up of good citizens who look out for one another and respect their environment and those within it.”


  1. Checks in on elderly members of the community
  2. Volunteers
  3. Picks up rubbish in and around the local area
  4. Donates items to those in need
  5. Is trusted with the neighbour’s keys, pets and plants
  6. Donates to a food bank
  7. Shops locally
  8. Does odd jobs for the neighbours
  9. Reduces food waste
  10. Keeps their gardens neat and tidy
  11. Takes part in local charity events
  12. Helps neighbours jump start the car / with a flat tyre
  13. Warns neighbours of potential late nights / noisy parties
  14. Gives blood
  15. Fundraises
  16. Adopts elderly locals as friends
  17. No loud or annoying pets
  18. Complains to the council about something on behalf of the community
  19. Joins Neighbourhood Watch
  20. Obeys the Highway Code
  21. Takes rubbish down to the tip for others
  22. Offers to mow other’s lawns if doing their own
  23. Helps out in the local school
  24. Never parks on the kerb
  25. Plants in a community garden
  26. Campaigns for better local roads
  27. Puts the kettle on for local delivery drivers, tradespeople etc.
  28. Campaigns for better lit streets
  29. Sends Christmas cards
  30. Takes home other people’s rubbish
  31. Helps others paint / do up their homes
  32. Delivers eggs / homegrown fruit and veg to locals
  33. Help others understand public transport
  34. Offers to walk neighbours’ dogs
  35. Shares details of local businesses on social media
  36. Helping neighbours park their car
  37. Gives lifts to the airport for holidays
  38. Lends money to family and friends
  39. Reads to people
  40. Goes round with charity tins