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Aspire 2Be launches new Leadership & Management apprenticeship

Jonathan Gerlach and Dean Garza from Aspire 2Be

Aspire 2Be, a multi-award-winning learning technology company, this week announced the launch of the ILM Leadership & Management Qualification, offering levels 4 and 5. These qualifications extend the range of Apprenticeships offered by Aspire 2Be, which also includes the Level 3 Diploma for Digital Learning Practitioners.

The ILM Leadership & Management qualification is developed by educators for educators, and offers an exciting opportunity for learners to be taught by the industry experts, drawing on the extensive education-focussed knowledge and digital expertise within Aspire 2Be.

The recent acquisition of A2B by Educ8 Group has enabled the development of this sector-leading range of qualifications, drawing on the apprenticeship expertise of Educ8, and the Digital and Education-focussed expertise of A2B.

These courses are aimed at teachers and educators with leadership and management responsibilities, aiming to redefine leadership in education and ensure aspiring leaders are ‘future ready’. Learning pathways are based on ‘lived experience’ within the education sector and provide contextualised learning experiences, relevant to roles and responsibilities, with additional focus on preparing aspiring leaders for the future by emphasising the importance of digital technologies in personal, team, and school-wide relevant, development.

“We are delighted to launch our new apprenticeship offering, specifically for educators across Wales, providing an innovative approach to leadership and management development,” comments Aspire 2Be Digital Transformation Director, Matt Smith. He continues, “This latest addition redefines traditional leadership and management qualifications and is tailored to multiple leadership roles within schools.  At its core, it supports aspiring leaders to develop the applied knowledge and skills for modern education, with the added benefit of understanding how digital can support wider school objectives.”