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Beavertown Brewery in creative collaboration with rock band Queens of the Stone Age

Beavertown Brewery has launched a creative collaboration with American rock band Queens of the Stone Age — an eye-catching music video for the band’s latest single, ‘Paper Machete’ based in the visual world of Beavertown’s flagship beer, Neck Oil.

In celebration of the band’s highly-anticipated eighth studio album, In Times New Roman…, Beavertown Brewery’s creative team, together with its Creative Director Nick Dwyer and Black Dog Films’ Director and Animator Alice Bloomfield, have illustrated a music video for Queens of the Stone Age’s latest single, ‘Paper Machete.’

While the brewery has dipped its toes in animation before with its 2022 Halloween short film Rime of The Ancient Mariner, this collaborative project with major rock band Queens of the Stone Age is their first foray into creating music videos. The brand is well known for its commitment to creativity and pushing its iconic visual identity into exciting new places other beer brands have not gone before.

The music video takes place within the captivating realm of Beavertown’s Neck Oil can artwork. Drawing influences from the dramatic colour palettes of Ralf Bakshis Wizards, the music video for Chad VanGallen’s ‘Peace is on the rise,’ Fantasia, Ren, and Stimpy, it takes the viewers on a one-of-a-kind visual journey, further heightened by the vibrant colour palette that Beavertown’s designs are known for.

Nick Dywer, Beavertown Brewery’s Creative Director, has said: “It’s absolutely mind-blowing to be working with Queens of The Stone age. We’ve all been massive fans of them forever. So, to have the opportunity to make a music video for them, let alone the only one they are doing, … well it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.”

“The story unfolds within the world of the Neck Oil can artwork, with our intrepid witch encountering their arch-nemesis, the evil, grinning mountain from their dreams. It’s a surrealist take on an insurmountable task, which only becomes more hopeless the closer it becomes. The colour palette we used was straight from the Neck Oil can. So, pretty bright, giving more spookiness to how bleak the narrative of the video is — essentially, you are worthless and you can’t beat what scares you. Josh Homme and co also feature as reimagined main characters exploring the surrealist visual world of the video”.

Alice Bloomfield, Director and Animator at Black Dog Films, said: “This was such a crazy collaboration to have worked on, I’m endlessly thankful for how open the team was to the creative. “

“Process wise, the video is all frame by frame animated, meaning every single frame is hand drawn. It’s a laborious process, but means that every second of the video can be meticulously planned and jam packed with detail and textures – including some sneaky Easter eggs for the eagle eyed QOTSA fans.”

This is the second time that Beavertown Brewery has collaborated with Alice Bloomfield, an animator, illustrator and director at Black Dog Films. Alice Bloomfield has previously animated Beavertown’s debut animation, Rime of The Ancient Mariner, which debuted on Halloween back in 2022.

The creative collaboration between Beavertown Brewery and Queens of the Stone Age merges two creative forces,  a beer brand and music, creating a fusion of artistry, craftsmanship, and innovation that combines a new approach for both industries.