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Best Academic Writing Tools for Students

We all know student life is full of challenging academic assignments. Whether you are a college student or a university student, these assignments are essential parts of your studies to check your writing skills, research ability, and acquired knowledge. 

It requires intense dedication and a sufficient time interval to complete these assignments. Sometimes, you spend days and days deciding what to write and how to write. This makes your experience daunting and exhausting. Well, in this digital world, you don’t need to worry about your academic writing tasks. 

Many online writing tools are available over the internet to help you cope with all types of challenging assignments. Whether you have to write an effective essay or an impressive dissertation, these tools allow you to finish these assignments efficiently and smoothly before deadlines. Let’s dive in to discover these writing assistants. 

Word Changer 

The paraphrasing tool is a robust and accurate digital writing tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to smoothen the academic writing process. It assists students in presenting research work or other author’s knowledge in a unique and engaging way. 

As a student, you better know that manually rewriting existing information is time-consuming. You have to work hard to choose appropriate words and sentence structures and maintain a persuasive writing tone. 

For this purpose, the word changer permits you to customize the writing style and choice of words to produce high-quality content for your assignments. It makes your assignments engaging and comprehensible by improving complex parts. You can access the word rephraser on any device by searching your preferred browser. 

Plagiarism Checker

Along with accuracy and clarity, uniqueness also matters in academic writing. The instructors want their students to express their own thoughts on the provided topic. 

That’s why it is also clearly mentioned in assignment guidelines that it should be free of plagiarism. 

For this reason, the plagiarism detector enable students to check whether the assignment contains any traces of plagiarism or not. As you insert your written content into this tool, it abruptly starts comparing the content with its wide academic database and highlights the copied content. 

That’s how this detective tool helps you recognize the plagiarized parts of your assignment. After performing a plagiarism check, you can cite the sources to duplicates or rephrase them to make your assignment 100% unique and credible. 

Grammar Checker 

Minor grammatical mistakes such as punctuation errors, wrong spellings, and inappropriate use of verbs can lead to major misunderstandings. These errors increase the chance of the reader’s distraction and cause poor reading experience. 

To solve this problem, the grammar checker allows students to precisely remove all possible grammar errors from their writing tasks within seconds. Whether it is the misuse of commas or an apostrophe error, the grammar check tool automatically detects all the possible mistakes and highlights them. 

All you need to do is click the errors one by one and remove the mistakes by applying suggested changes. Using this tool can avoid frustrating your instructor with annoying grammatical errors.

Word Processing Tool

After performing a thorough topic research and gathering all the supportive details and evidence, you need to put all the information in one place to present it to your teacher. This is why the word processing tool is made of. 

This online word processor tool helps students digitally note down all the important textual content in a secure format. With the help of the word processing tool, you can structure your content and organize it in a flow so the reader can easily find different information sections. 

Moreover, you can also share these documents online with your teachers or seniors to get their assistance in writing an assignment. To make your assignments interactive, this tool allows you to insert tables, charts, and images that help visualize the included details. 

Mind Mapping Tool

Doing quick research and immediately writing all the information is different from a professional approach to completing an academic writing task. In a rush, you might need to remember to add essential details such as supportive statements, data sources, or important facts and figures. 

A mind mapping tool helps you organize your thoughts and research work and properly plan what and how you will write. While brainstorming and researching whatever helpful information you find, you can map it using a mind-mapping tool to keep it on record. 

Once you segment information, the rest of the writing process becomes effortless. That’s how this tool boosts your productivity and provides you the creative freedom to arrange knowledge. 

The Take Away

In the end, academic writing tools have revolutionized the student’s approach towards their assignments. From planning and writing to making the assignment engaging and unique, online writing tools have the potential to support students in different ways. 

Along with writing assistance, these tools make them more creative and productive. These writing assistants enable them to make their writing process smarter rather than harder. 

Above, we have discussed some important web-based tools to allow students to meet their academic writing needs timely with less effort. We hope you understand the importance of these tools and will start using them in your next academic writing task.