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Best Small Toilets for the Bathroom Redesign

If your bathroom is not the biggest or you have a tiny ensuite or cloakroom and you are short on space, then choosing a small toilet for your bathroom redesign can be a game changer.

When you first hear about these small toilets you may worry that you could end up with a tiny toilet that is difficult to use but this is definitely not the case. Small toilets use a variety of clever design ideas to get you those vital extra centimeters of space without compromising on the comfort or function of the toilet. With similar ones available on Bellabathrooms there are plenty of examples of small toilets for you to choose from, enabling you to create your perfect bathroom.

Integrated Toilet and Basin

This clever integrated toilet and basin design is ideal for saving space while also looking stylish in all bathrooms. It is a popular option that keeps everything in the bathroom close together and with a variety of styles and colours for you to choose from there is plenty of choice for that bathroom redesign. Along with saving space, this integrated option really makes a bathroom look neat and tidy, with some units also providing much needed storage space. If you are really tight on space or maybe you want to add that extra toilet into a small cloakroom, then this integrated approach will be a sensible option.

Corner Toilets

Make the most of every centimetre of space with these great corner toilets that are ideal for any unusual shaped bathrooms or ensuites. Just by having one of these great toilets that have been positioned to be fitted at a different angle to conventional toilets, you can create a surprising amount of free space. These corner toilets manage to make use of wasted corners by using a unique shaped cistern that give the perfect fit at this unusual angle. The toilet itself is as functional and comfortable as your standard toilet, so you will not notice the difference.

Short Projection Toilets

If you are looking for the ultimate compact toilet then a short projection toilet is the ideal option for you. They are great for small spaces as they have a smaller depth so they do not protrude out as far as standard toilets, giving an average depth of around 600mm. There is no compromise with quality or comfort as these fully functional toilets are perfect for adults to use. With short projection toilets becoming increasingly popular there is a fantastic range of modern designs to choose from so you will find your ideal compact toilet.

Back to Wall Toilet Design

A back to wall toilet or wall hung toilet are both great options for easily creating space in a small bathroom. As the cistern is hidden behind a wall or unit only the toilet will be on show giving a modern simplistic feel to the bathroom. These toilets come in a wide range of styles and designs so will complement all bathrooms. This is a popular choice for bathroom redesigns and ensuites, as the space this toilet creates makes the room feel comfortable to use regardless of the size.

Close coupled toilets

These close coupled toilets have a simple change in design which results in a sleeker more compact toilet that will give you some much needed extra space. As the toilet and cistern is combined into one unit, it not only makes a great small toilet but it is practical and easy to clean. With a great range of toilets now having this close coupled design there is fantastic range of styles for you to choose from so if you are looking for a modern or even traditional finish then you will find the perfect toilet.

Many of the small toilets available will have more than one of the above designs incorporated together to give an ultimate small toilet that is suitable for every small space. With each small toilet being functional for an adult use you can be sure that you will love the design that you choose and the toilet will be the main feature in your redesigned bathroom.

Having a comfortable bathroom is very important in each households. Furthermore, did you know that there are mobile toilets for hire?