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Bridgend’s Olympic triathletes launch new coaching business

Pictured: Helen and Marc. Credit: Ryan Sosna-Bowd

Olympians, elite coaches and sports scientists have launched a new coaching experience for athletes across the country to train like a World Champion. Jinx Sport, launched this week, was founded by Olympians Marc and Helen Jenkins and Rhys Jones an ex professional athlete, physiologist, Head swim coach and certified strength and conditioning coach.

The new coaching super team have created an online coaching tool which allows the team to draw on their elite coaching and racing experience to design training plans to help athletes reach their potential and tailored to work with and around athletes lives.

“Not only do we draw on our experience at the top of the sport, but as parents of young children ourselves and with busy working lives we understand how to set realistic goals and create training plans to achieve them whilst working alongside the rest of our busy lives,“ says Marc Jenkins. “

With over 25 years’ experience in the sport as athletes and coaches, Marc, Helen and Rhys are drawing on their elite racing and coaching experience that has led them to become some of the best the best athletes in the world. Still competing at world class level, they are now taking that experience and passing it on to others to help them achieve their potential. Rhys Jones adds; “We haven’t just done a few triathlons thinking that qualifies us to coach, we have coached and planned our way to being the best, and this is something we really want to pass on to others.”

To help guide training plans the team also engage applied Physiology to understand what the athlete’s body is doing during training and racing. Using lactic testing and Vo2 sweat comp tests, Jinx Sport use testing to identify current limits and how best to target specific areas of improvement. Testing can be done through a portable blood lactate test which can be tracked over a full training year, as a block or as a one-off.

For those big events the team can also not only help to prepare for the event but also help develop pre-race strategies to ensure the best possible results, they can even put in a personal appearance to help give that extra boost on the day.

“We are here for our athletes from start to finish. Whether helping to layout their training or make sure our athletes have the best bike setup. Whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals,” says Marc Jenkins. “As well as all of the science, experience and knowledge that we will bring, we have also been there and understand what it takes to make that commitment to your sport and see it through. We’ve been through the bad times, and the best of times, and want to use that experience to help athletes take their swimming, cycling and running to a new level.”

For the more in-depth technique sessions or to build confidence the coaches will be running 1-on-1 sessions covering anything from swim stroke analysis, run technique, bike handling or even strength and conditioning gym sessions.

Helen Jenkins adds; “Through our 25 years in the sport we have worked with some of the best sporting minds in the world. Whether our athletes are aiming for the top of elite sport, or simply to reach their potential at an event, we want them to be the best athlete they can be. With their commitment and our experience – we believe anything is possible.”

She continues; “Whilst I continue to race the next few years, I will be providing athletes with advice and insight supporting Marc and Rhys programme development and helping push athletes in face to face sessions and on camp, and in the future at the end of my career will join the day to day coaching team.”