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Business women in Wales collaborate to support next generation

Two successful businesswomen from Wales have this week announced a collaboration that is the true epitome of girl power, as Female Success Network, and Cardiff based The Go Girl Academy unite to empower young girls and businesswomen across the country.

Female Success Network, co-founded by Newport based Sarah Stone, who has recently been shortlisted for Female Entrepreneur of the Year at the South Wales Business Awards, was established last year to support women globally in achieving the success they desire. 

Bringing a new perspective to training, mentoring and knowledge sharing for women in business, Sarah and the team choose to not to offer the glossy’ version of success and instead are disrupting the booming market thats servicing female entrepreneurs, providing gritty behind the scenes no holds barred content alongside word-leading online training to help, very practically, provide blueprints for success.

Having responded to a call out for sponsors, from Wenda James-Rowe, founder of The Go Girl Academy, Female Success Network is now working as a partner to help this business expand, and to connect up its female entrepreneurs to Go Girl Academys 9-16 year olds, keen to reach their full potential.

Sarah Stone is also an Award-winning Photographer whos worked with celebrity clients and had her photos featured in OK! Magazine and shes a highly sought after creative digital stylist, and she plans to use these creative skills to also help promote the fantastic work of The Go Girl Academy, supporting them building up their online presence.

Sarah is still growing Female Success Network with her co-founder, award winning Entrepreneur of the Year Abigail Horne, with it only launching last year but already has clients all over the world, from America, to Dubai to Australia, and the big vision is also to take The Go Girl Academy global too.

Sarah said: 

I am so excited about this collaboration, that will enable FSN and our members to play a part in inspiring the girls of our future.  It was a no brainer for Abi and I to be involved in supporting The Go Girl Academy through the scholarship / sponsorship programme. We believe that The Go Girl Academy camps can change young girls lives forever and have such a positive impact on their confidence, self-esteem, well-being and self belief.  It didnt take much encouraging for our vast network of members to invest in the next generation of successful female entrepreneurs, as it fits their values too and our members will not only sponsor the girls but be their ambassadors as they follow their progress.  As a network we share the same values, beliefs and vision as The Go Girl Academy – female empowerment and embracing individuality.

Wenda founded The Go Girl Academy after in her job as an Image Consultant and Fitness instructor she was regularly told by parents that their daughters lacked confidence and self esteem and could do with similar support. Wendas own experience growing up as an identical twin also played a part in her decision to establish the Academy. 

She said: 

I used to compare myself to my brainy twin sister and wonder why I wasnt as academic as her? I then realised in my later teens that I loved working with people and was actually more creative than academic. I wish I had realised this much earlier, as I really did beat myself up about this over the years. Both myself and my sister have gone on to have successful careers but in very different fields.  This is exactly the message and ethos of The Go Girl Academy, we are all unique and individual and we all have unique individual qualities. If we realise what we are good at and what we are passionate about early on in life, this can be instrumental in helping us with career and life decisions in the future.

Our girls realise that they are unique, and that comparing themselves to others is a total waste of time. The change in mindset is amazing to see and their levels of confidence and self esteem begin to soar. This then has a direct impact on how they view themselves, their self belief improves greatly as does their personal aspirations for the future.

The Go Girl Academy delivers a range of life changing and inspirational holiday camps and workshops which promotes self esteem, confidence and well being for girls aged 9-16 to empower them to reach their true potential, to embrace their individuality and to lead happy fulfilling lives.

There will be two summer programmes hosted by The Go Girl Academy at The Roath Church House in Cardiff on July 31st– 2ndAugust and then 28thAugust – 30thAugust.

The camp will have inspirational sessions for the girls led by experts on a range of topics from dance, to skincare, mindfulness and positivity to friendships and nutrition.

To find out how to sponsor a girl for the summer camp visit the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheGoGirlAcademy/