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Team Metalogic moves to new offices following impressive growth

Caerphilly-based IT firm Team Metalogic has moved to a new office following consistent growth in its 15 years of business.

The new office, Bridge House, is a stone’s throw from their previous office building on the other side of Caerphilly Business Park, is double in size totalling 2,500 square foot.

Mike Parfitt, Managing Director at Team Metalogic, said:

“As we approach our 15th anniversary in business, it is fitting that we move into what will be our home for the next phase of growth. We have grown at a consistent pace to be in a position where we work with some impressive names; achieving great results for businesses and organisations along the way.”

2018 has already been a landmark year for the business with turnover reflecting a 39 per cent increase across the last three years. In the same period, the net profit of the business has increased by 22 per cent.

“It is great to hit record turnover and profit but the actual reward is seeing the business grow in terms of our size, the quality of our people and the fantastic relationships we have with our loyal clients. By moving to our new office, we will be in a position to facilitate our next growth stage which will be at an accelerated rate.

“Team Metalogic is not just a brand, it is a culture each of us embraces and works from. The new office gives us fresh impetus to consult our people on what they want their place of work to look like as well as what facilities we have to support them be the best they can be.

“We purposely chose an office that is double the size, not just for our growth ambitions, but to give us the space to create an environment that works for us, not for us to simply work in. We want to triple the size of the business within three years and be a team of 20-plus within five. We will also seek to expand our business across Europe.

Regarding the team’s input on the new office, Mike said: “We have gone through a period of consultation with the team on what they want to get from a working environment; be it shower facilities, research and development areas, breakout rooms to engineer those creative solutions or simply a space to achieve the best results possible.

“We’ve communicated our five-year plan, penned Team to Twenty-Two, and completely opened the doors of transparency. The plan, which outlines how I see the business progressing from now until 2022, covers items such as staff roles and responsibilities, employee benefits, supply chain, quality assurance as well as how we work towards our goals and the Metalogic Way.

“The new office isn’t for the business, it’s for the team.”

2018 continues to be a year of achievement for the business after it was the only Welsh representative to be named as a top 50 IT firm across the whole of the UK.

Mike continued: “In our team, we have the best talent around, not just in terms of knowledge, but in terms of working well with one another, finding solutions to complex problems and giving stellar customer service along the way. Our business is not about one person, it’s far, far bigger than that.”

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