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Caerphilly to expand service for most vulnerable learners

Caerphilly County Borough Council Cabinet has approved two building investments totalling £472K to support the provision of a Youth Service base in the Caerphilly basin; to increase capacity for the most vulnerable learners through in-house EOTAS (Education Other Than At School) provision and to provide additional capacity for learners accessing Trinity Fields provision.

The significant investment at Virginia Park in Caerphilly will be used to develop a site for the Youth Service and EOTAS provision, while the investment will also provide a second satellite class for Trinity Fields on the St Cenydd High School site.

The estimated £300k at Virginia Park is designed to meet the need for a youth service hub and to provide an education centre including versatile education spaces, a nurture room, youth spaces, 1-1 support areas, offices and improved toilet facilities.

For EOTAS, this site will initially enable the Authority to focus specifically on the needs of a small number of the KS3 or 4 cohorts who move out of Glan-y-nant Learning Centre. The development of this facility will also allow for a short term assessment centre for older students. This will serve to reduce the amount of education missed by students who may have received an exclusion from school and to ensure students are linked to the most appropriate EOTAS provision based on their needs.

The investment as St Cenydd High School will allow for the development of a fit for purpose satellite class that will be managed by the Head Teacher of Trinity Fields.

Cllr Ross Whiting, the Cabinet member with the responsibility for Learning & Leisure commented:

“I am delighted that the proposed investment to develop two facilities at Virginia Park in Caerphilly and St Cenydd High School has now been approved. The investment will support a wide range of the provision that as a local authority we are proud to provide – including providing a base for our Youth Service in the Caerphilly basin, increasing the capacity for the most vulnerable learners through the EOTAS provision and providing additional capacity for leaners accessing Trinity Fields provision.

The investment will provide the resources and allow these learners a safe and inspiring place to learn for years to come. The investment at Virginia Park will also provide another key facility for the community to be able to utilise. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has worked so hard to develop these plans.”