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Cancer surviving entrepreneur wants one million families to join his raw food revolution

AN INSPIRATIONAL entrepreneur is leading a campaign encouraging one million families to ditch their unhealthy lifestyles and follow a raw and living foods diet.

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Mark Bryant, founder of The Energise Academy, is on a mission to get more people to join his RAWvolution.

He has already received a positive response from business owners and industry leaders keen to help him spread the word.

Speaking at a Hartey Wealth Management event at Chester Grosvenor Hotel, Mark described how switching to a raw food diet helped him in his battle with cancer.


Diagnosed with the condition at 37 years of age, the dad-of-two’s world was turned upside down.

In 2016 he was given months to live, but three years later has been given the all-clear and is fitter, happier and healthier than ever after reinventing himself, his diet and his attitude to life.

“I fought the disease and started to get better, but in 2016 it started to come back, despite the radiotherapy, the chemotherapy, the full body radiation and stem cell treatment,” said Mark, who lives in Rhos-on-Sea with wife Fiona and their children Amber and Gabriella.

“It was at that point I started to look at myself and questioned whether my lifestyle and the conditions I was exposed to had played a part in me getting this illness.

“The first thing was believing I could beat it, as the mind leads and the body follows, and from that point there was no going back.

“I was a stressed-out, burnt out entrepreneur, and that had to change.”

Fast forward to February of this year, and Mark was given the all-clear by doctors.

He believes the transition to a raw and living foods diet played a crucial part in that and wants others to benefit from the systems and processes he lives by – as part of The Energise Academy – to make a positive impact on their own lives.

“When I started to detoxify and rebuild my immune system I did so by eating food in its purest form, and now up to 50% of my diet is made up of living and sprouted foods,” said Mark, who was born in Chester.

“It is possible to have a plant-based diet and enjoy it; I’m a real foodie and it’s transformed my life.

“I’m not saying you can’t eat meat – my children eat meat – but it’s about finding a balance.”

He added: “My mission is to energise one million families across the UK, educate and show them how to sprout and grow living foods at home.

“In just a few hours you can grow 20-30% of your weekly food requirements in a small space on a kitchen worktop, and that can help massively with sustainability of the planet.

“Basically, you take seeds, grow them and eat them. How simple is that?”

Mark has vowed to plant 10 trees for every person who joins the Academy and says that while it’s a mission for health and wellbeing, it can ultimately have a positive effect on business.

“Health does play a major part in developing wealth,” he told up to 80 guests in attendance.

“If company owners and managers in particular lead by example then they’re going to be in a better position to inspire and motivate their teams and educate them to lead a better lifestyle.

“That’s my vision and where my expertise lies, in bringing health and wellbeing together with business, because they complement each other and creating a balance will give you a much better chance of success.”

He added: “The RAWvolution is just that, a raw revolution, but we are not a bunch of hippies sat at the side of the road somewhere making up fads.

“I was a corporate entrepreneur and CEO and still run businesses, so this is something to be taken seriously and a way of life that can really help people to be happier and healthier in the future.”