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Cardiff’s Blackweir Bridge: Fire Damage and Future Repairs

Blackweir Bridge in Pontcanna

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Not so much time ago a major fire damaged the Blackweir Bridge in Cardiff and required replacement of part of the wooden terrace.

However, it turned out that repairs to the bridge, which included replacing damaged panels, had to be postponed because of a significant rise in the water level in the Taff river.

Recall that severe and prolonged storms in February and March caused a large tree to be washed out by the river and crash into the Blackweir Bridge, damaging some of the bridge plates.

An informational report was recently released by Cardiff University in which the person in charge of maintaining the bridge shared information from engineers about the serious damage to the structure and the construction and repair work that needs to be done in front of the main road that connects the bridge. The planks can be reopened.

After inspecting the bridge for possible wood damage, Cass Hayward engineers found that the hatch panels were damaged, that there was a bent bolt on the south chimney stop and that the underside of the bridge on the west side of the bridge was badly damaged. Fire. According to Cass Hayward’s engineers, the taps penetrated the chain plates of the bridge “.

However, they found that the bent bolt was “deformed due to rust,” which is normal over time and does not engage the wood.

They also found that they believed the damage to the main deck of the hammer was clearly not caused by the tide, but by a fire that broke out under the west side of the bridge. Apparently the fire occurred under two bays of the West End, with smoke covering six bays.

According to the report, in addition to the damage caused by the fire, the condition of the wooden bridge as a whole is deteriorating. It should be noted that despite the effects of the fire, the wooden bridge is nearing the end of its useful life.

Company engineers recommended replacing the damaged mesh and wooden decking before the bridge opens in the near future.

Recall that last April, Cardiff Council closed the Blackweir Bridge, saying the coronavirus pandemic had caused people to ignore social isolation in the narrow passage. But another bridge upstream is also narrow, but not closed. Pedestrians and cyclists regularly move very close together on this narrow sidewalk, which, unlike  Blackweir Bridge, is adjacent to a busy two-way street.

“The rapid flow of water continues to pose a threat to the health of our contractors. Therefore, we cannot give an exact or at least scheduled date for completion of the repair work,” a university spokesman also said.

University researchers still are monitoring levels of water and their evolution. Repairs of the bridge will continue as soon as they are sure that the water level is safe for workers.

Finding that they fully understand the concerns and dissatisfaction of some residents with the infrastructure, they still want to open the bridge once it is back in operation. It is important to keep in mind, however, that because of the current coronavirus restrictions, the bridge will also not be used by the public.