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Cardiff’s The Court School is to be renamed as plans to develop the school are given the green light

Cardiff Council’s Planning Committee have approved plans for new build accommodation for The Court School. A decisionto rename the school ‘Ysgol Cynefin’has also been agreed.

The unanimous planning decision marks the next stage in the development to increase the capacity of the school by relocating and rebuilding it across two sites.  One is to be located on land to the south of Fairwater Primary Schoolon Wellwright Road,the other will besouth of Pen Y Bryn Primary SchoolatDunster Roadin Llanrumney.  This will utilise land at the current St Mellons CiW Primary School, following its relocation to new build accommodationlocated at the St Edeyrns development.

The new school name Ysgol Cynefin, translates to habitat school, and was chosen by the school and key stakeholders to encompass therelationship between people and the natural world, and how connecting people to surroundings can shape a sense of identity and wellbeing.

Ysgol Cynefinat Fairwater

The new school will grow from 42 to 72 places, with 36 pupils on each site from the 2025-26 academic year, helping tomeet the city’s demand for primary age specialist provision.Both sites will boast a range of comprehensive facilities including Multi-use games areas, sports and soft play areas, sports pitches and horticultural areas, delivered under Cardiff Council and Welsh Governments Band B Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme.

The development will include:

  • Construction of two new single storey school buildings at each of theFairwater and Llanrumney sites
  • Creation of new outdoor amenity areas, multi-use games areas, play-spaces and sports provision
  • Landscaping, car parking, drainage and associated works
  • Demolition of the existing buildings associated with the St Mellons Church in Wales Primary School (Llanrumney site)

Ysgol Cynefin at Llanrumney

Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry said: “Planning approval and the news of the name change, marks an exciting new chapter for this school. By relocating and rebuildingYsgol Cynefinover two sites,improvements can be made to the standard of facilities whilstproviding more places for children in need of specialist provision. “The new school name fits with the vision and ethos of the school, as they seek to support pupils who face challenges in terms of emotional health and wellbeing.

“Cardiff is currentlyembarking on our most radical transformation of additional learning needs provision seen in recent years. The new Ysgol Cynefinis part of the significant plans already well underway, to address the shortfall in places required across the city.

The co-location of the new school with mainstream primary schools has also provided investment to the neighbouring schools; Pen y Bryn Primary School next to the Lanrumney site and Fairwater Primary School next to the Fairwater site, will both benefit from outdoor enhancements including funding towards edible playgrounds, forest school areas, outdoor classrooms, external sports provision and playground equipment.

Cllr Merry added: “Co-locating the school with two mainstream primary schools will not onlyallow for sharing of good practicebetween schools but will also help tosupport opportunities for pupils to benefit from mainstream environments. In addition, the mainstream primary schools have also been presented with opportunities for investment so that all schools involved in the plans will benefit.”

Jamyn Beesley, Headteacher said: “We are absolutely delighted that plans have been approved for new build accommodation forYsgol Cynefin. The pupils with whom we have the pleasure of workingwith,deserve innovative and purpose-built accommodation to maximise their potential.

“Our new school name, Ysgol Cynefin has been chosen to represent the important connection between our pupils and their environment, and the positive impact their surroundings will have on their health and wellbeing. Huge thanks to the local authority for co-constructing plans alongside key stakeholders and to the dedicatedschoolstaff who continually strive to improve provision for our vulnerable pupils.We are all looking forward to an exciting future for the school.”

Subject to planning and procurement, construction ofYsgol Cynefinis expected to start in Autumn 2023.