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Contact centre and Centralised Services provide pathways for all learners post-results day

Sandra Busby

A level results day can be the most significant event so far in the lives of students and predictions have already been made that there will be a shift in grades as Wales makes efforts to return to pre-pandemic grading.

We reverted back to exams this summer for the second time since they were replaced by teacher assessments during the pandemic, with additional support put in place and advance information ahead of some exams, to ease the transition to pre-pandemic processes.

While this ‘course correction,’ or grade deflation, may be more apparent next year when Wales returns fully to exams, if learners don’t quite hit their predicted grades, there is a wealth of alternative options available to them, according to Sandra Busby, Managing Director of CNECT Wales, which was previously Wales Contact Centre Forum.

She says: “A levels are an important route for people who are looking at university as the pathway to their career, but they’re not always crucial to employers, who may well be looking for other skills in addition to exam results and qualifications.

“We mustn’t ignore apprenticeships as an option for those who want to go straight into employment.

“The beauty of the contact centre industry is that it offers so many opportunities and career paths for different people, who aren’t necessarily suited to university.

“There are plenty of roles where you can work from the bottom up and create your own career. Many contact centre board members I know have started on the phonelines and may now be CEO or MD. Contact centres are a highly skilled industry.”

For some recruiters, school grades are just one of several data points they consider, along with relevant experience and skill set.

Sandra says: “Many congratulations to those who have achieved the grades they hoped for, but if you haven’t and are unsure of what to do next, you could consider the opportunities provided by contact centres.

“If you have empathy and strong communication skills and are flexible and willing to learn, you could consider a career in this very rewarding industry, which features across most sectors and functions including strategy, operations, process management and Data /Cyber Security.”