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Convatec launches statutory consultation for green manufacturing hub in Rhymney

As part of its journey to net zero worldwide, global medical products and technologies company Convatec is preparing plans to use local wind and sun to create its own green energy which would be used to power its manufacturing operation in Rhymney, South Wales.

The proposed Green Manufacturing Hub is being developed in partnership with local farmers and, in order to maximise efficiency, needs to be situated adjacent to Convatec’s manufacturing site in Rhymney. The project will feature three wind turbines, and around 10 hectares of solar panels, providing a total generating capacity of around 20MW which would significantly reduce Convatec’s reliance on gas and grid electricity at its Rhymney and Deeside plants.

The scheme is also about ensuring a stable green future for the Rhymney plant, through our major and long-term investment in clean energy for its low carbon future. With over 100 employees in South Wales, Convatec’s business will become more efficient and environmentally sustainable due to locally generated clean energy being less impacted by global markets and geopolitics.

In addition, the energy generated is likely to exceed the amount needed to power Convatec’s Rhymney operations. It is hoped that some of this will be used to power its Deeside factory in North Wales as well, and the team is also exploring how this surplus energy could  be used by neighbouring local businesses and community organisations in and around Rhymney. This involves exploring options with the local authority to supply existing demand as well as future developments.

Since introducing its emerging proposals to the community last year, Convatec has been carrying out the work needed to deliver on these plans, and is now preparing to submit detailed proposals to the Welsh Government. These proposals form the basis of a 6-week statutory consultation running from 17 April to 29 May.

Since the project is expected to have an installed capacity of greater than 10MW, it will be considered a Development of National Significance (DNS) by Planning and Environment Decisions Wales (PEDW), with the final decision being made by Welsh Ministers.

As with all DNS applications, a Community Benefits Fund is attached to the project and Convatec will fully involve the community to help ensure maximum benefit across the locality. The team is exploring how the Community Benefits Fund of around £75,000 per year could best be used to deliver meaningful projects in Rhymney.

Commenting on the proposals, Matthew Cornish, Rhymney Interim Plant Director, said:

“Convatec has been in Rhymney for almost 40 years, providing high quality jobs to over a hundred people. Transitioning our operations to clean, green locally produced energy will improve our resilience, ensuring we can continue to produce our world leading medical products that positively touch the lives of people with chronic illness on a daily basis, over the long-term here in Rhymney.

“We are committed to supporting our local community and look forward to further engaging with neighbours, stakeholders and local businesses to continue the process of identifying opportunities for working together to achieve  positive community focused outcomes.”

Convatec has organised two statutory consultation community events in Rhymney for the public to drop-in and learn more about the detailed proposals. These will take place on Wednesday 15 May between 3-6pm at Upper Rhymney Primary School and Thursday 16 May from 10am to 2pm at Rhymney Day Centre, Tre-York St.

Further details on Convatec’s plans are available at their website


Feedback should be sent in before the closing date on 29 May.