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Defining the Good Student: Traits for Success

We guess every student wants to be a good one. Most students can really reach this aim, while others struggle and then suffer. Perhaps they simply don’t understand what makes a good student. Besides, they try to compete when they should simply work at their own tempo without trying to become better than other students. 

Still, we understand that students want to enjoy success in learning and social life. They want to be the ones who surely know how to write my research paper. There are many positive role models that contribute to student development. We will try to identify the main traits of a good and successful student today.

The Role of Role Models in Shaping Student Behavior

One of the most impactful mechanisms on students’ behavior is role models. There are definite values students would like to obtain and maintain. The best examples are adults who surround them – parents, neighbors, relatives, and even celebrities. When a student finds a good example to follow, and his/her commitment to those values is sincere, he/she will be successful. There will be respect in education and from peers, adults, teachers, etc.

Essential Habits of Highly Effective Students

What are the most important habits of the students who can be called highly effective? Make allowances for the following essentials:

  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Punctuality
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Diligence
  • Patience and passion for learning
  • Readiness to help others
  • A desire to learn more and always

Their commitment to values we have described in this list can really make students successful learners and people.

The Interplay Between Student Characteristics and Academic Achievement

A successful student is something of a mix between personal characteristics and academic performance. All goal-oriented students set clear and realistic goals that always include having the best personality traits. It’s not enough to learn well to be a good student. This is a combination of how you behave in society and treat others. If your personality traits are such as honesty, dignity, respect, fairness, kindness, etc., you will surely become a good person and a successful student.

Beyond Grades: The Comprehensive Qualities of a Good Student

Now, let’s forget about the academic aspect of being a student. What should his/her qualities be? According to various academic role models, such a student is supposed to develop:

  • Self-Discipline
  • Curiosity
  • Resilience
  • Adaptability
  • Organization
  • Effective Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Academic Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Environmental Consciousness

Nurturing the Right Traits: How Students Can Grow

One of the main student success factors is the ability to grow and get a better version of the previous “you” that was yesterday. They need to turn into eternal learners who are happy to learn something new and apply it in life, education, work, etc. They are supposed to have a desire to improve their personality qualities, be patient, calmer, open-hearted, and so on. Every time they reach a definite milestone, they are supposed to set new goals and improve themselves. 

The main point is not to become perfectionists and obsessed by the desire to be perfect in the eyes of others. It’ll be enough to just follow the moral code of your community.

The Impact of a Healthy Lifestyle on Student Performance

Character development is frequently assessed by the lifestyle of a person. If you are a smart learner and your personality traits are good, it’s nice but not enough. Many people give heed to the lifestyle too. A successful student doesn’t have to have bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol (too often), or taking drugs (of any kind). Not only the mind but also your body must be clean and healthy. Try to avoid all bad habits or get rid of them if you have any at the moment. You will thank yourself afterward.

Respect and Self-Awareness: Cornerstones of a Good Student

All positive role models include respect and self-awareness of students. When you follow the example of a definite person, you do that because you respect him/her. You want to get the same respect as well. It’s normal and this is when you get self-aware of who you are right now. If you need to change something – do it!

Goal-Setting and Persistence: The Drive Behind Successful Students

One can assess student development by the way a student sets goals and reaches them. This task is difficult even when you simply choose your goals. Your goals must be compatible with your talents and desires. Once you set them, be sure you are persistent. Reach them no matter how hard this task may be. When you reach your milestones, you will be happy with the reward.

The Influence of Positive Adult Role Models on Student Development

Youngsters commonly mimic this or that role model shown by adults. This is a natural case. Even though many teens want to rebel and claim that they never repeat adults, they lie to themselves. If they don’t repeat the behavior of their parents, they surely mimic someone else.

That’s why it’s of huge importance to follow a healthy and positive adult role model. If not your parents, find someone else who can teach you a lot of good and useful things. These people should be a bright example to goal-oriented students with the necessary qualities and success stories. Thus, students will not go astray.


What are the key characteristics of a good student?

These are respect in education, average student development, self-awareness, commitment to values, honesty, diligence, etc.

How do positive role models influence student behavior and success?

Positive role models have a strong influence on behavior and success because we all mimic the habits and views of other people to a definite extent. If the model roles are positive, such students surely become successful.

What role does a healthy lifestyle play in a student’s academic performance?

A healthy lifestyle helps goal-oriented students be successful as there are no ailments and other people respect them for avoiding bad habits.