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Develop Your Nonverbal Communication Skill In These 10 Steps With Placetochat

Communication is inevitable in a modern world. It is an essential part of our lives that helps us meet people, converse with them, and create meaningful and memorable moments. 

Why Do We Need Communication Skills?

Communication skills are critical skills required for effectively transferring information between individuals involved. In this decade of social media networking and texting with platforms like Placetochat, meeting new people and sustaining relationships require good communication skills to have a hitch-free relationship. 

Meaning Of Nonverbal Communication

Words are a form of communication, but a form of communication that speaks louder by showing emotions is nonverbal communication that conveys lots of meaning. While we make use of nonverbal cues unconsciously, verbal cues are mostly deliberate. That is one of the distinguishing factors between both forms of communication. 

It is a crucial feature of communication that complements or augments verbal communication. Angela Billings, a senior instructor in the University of Alabama’s Department of Communication Studies, has proposed a definition of nonverbal. She says nonverbal communication is any aspect of communication other than words. It is not just about what we see, but how we say it.

Examples of nonverbal cues include touch, tone of voice, rate of speech, scent, handshake, posture, general appearance, choice of clothing and embellishment, gestures, and facial expressions. Even silence qualifies as an example of nonverbal communication. However, a very good example of nonverbal communication in social media messaging is the emoji selection of emoticons. All of these convey some meanings. 

Emoticons are shorthands and image characters that have been around since 1982, and ever since, they have evolved to convey information and cover a wide scope of emotions using characters and icons. Some of the emojis include a grinning face, rolling on the floor laughing, slightly smiling face, grinning squinting face, smirking face, face with rolling eyes, persevering face, 

Types Of Nonverbal Communication:

We can go further to classify nonverbal communication into three types;

  • Vocal Nonverbal Communication: This involves the conversational aspects of communication without using words. Examples are voice tone, volume, and talking speed 
  • Nonvocal Nonverbal communication: This includes conversations carried out using our bodies. They are also called “body language or kinesics.” Examples are gestures, facial expressions, gaze, etc.
  • Digital Nonverbal Communication: Emojis, GIFs, fonts, filters, sentence structure, punctuation, and spacing have replaced the use of words in the digital space. The choice of any of these is used for social media communications. 

The first two categories are for face-to-face communication, while the latter is for social media and other virtual experiences. 

Functions Of nonverbal Communication 

Nonverbal communication plays a role in our day-to-day lives, online and offline interactions, and relational purposes. You’ll agree that nonverbal communication makes up most of our daily communication. Here’s the function.

  • Complementary roles: People tend to believe the nonverbal because of its authenticity. They reveal the communicator’s true emotional state, as they can hardly be faked. It validates verbal communication and gives more meaning and context to words. The majority of the meaning in communication is derived from nonverbal signals. 
  • They make conversations interesting because they do not conform to the traditional communication method. 
  • Emojis have become a universal language that allows us to express ourselves in less formal ways. They portray feelings simpler and faster than words. In this generation, technology has helped to save time by creating nonverbal characters like emojis.  
  • It arouses engagement and makes the parties involved in communication sensitive to the feelings of one another if deliberately and intentionally used. That is rather psychological. Psychologists have verified how emoticons trigger reactions in the human brain. 

The Negative Side Of Nonverbal Communication In The Digital Space

The digital space, especially social media, can be deceptive. It can make us lose the social cues of how a person truly feels because of how emoticons and other digital nonverbal means of communication have successfully substituted human facial expressions and words altogether. 

For a precise perspective, this article will focus on the necessary skills needed to enhance your nonverbal communication. Someone may wonder if any skill is required to initiate or sustain nonverbal communication. 

The primary skill involved in nonverbal communication is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the awareness of emotions and that of others. That’s usually the product of a sound mind. When you develop this major skill, an important interpersonal skill, you can relate with anybody from any part of the world with the opportunity that Placetochat offers you. 

10 Steps To Develop Your Nonverbal Communication Skills:

Nonverbal communication is arguably a universal language that must be learned and developed. Failure to do so may lead to misunderstandings and the abrupt termination of quality relationships. 

In this article, you will find some steps to follow that ensure you hone your nonverbal communication skills when interacting with friends on platforms like Placetochat.

Learning and adopting this means you become emotionally agile and possess the system and structure to manage your feelings. 

  • Be Selfless

Always think of the other party when communicating. Make others feel good and special when communicating with you, not otherwise. As someone who understands the value of communication in a relationship, you must demonstrate empathy, showing the other person that you are aware of their feelings and that you care. Don’t be about yourself only. 

  • Self-Awareness

This is knowing who you are, your emotions, competence, and incompetence. The skill set involves emotional awareness, self-assessment, and self-confidence. 

  • Manage Your Emotions Well

When you discover that your personality is such that it can serve as a stumbling block to effective communication, you should know that you have to work on it. For example, if you easily get angry, you must learn self-control and forbearance. Other skills to master here include adaptability and friendliness. 

  • Think Before Reacting

A good communicator is very thoughtful of consequences. Do not respond spontaneously. Rather, take ample time to think about the best nonverbal means of communication. 

  • Observe Successful Interactions

On Placetochat, some individuals have successfully started and sustained meaningful friendships. The same for other social media platforms. You can learn from such people. Learn how to achieve the kind of results you want to see. 

  • Be Flexible And Understanding

Nonverbals can be ambiguous and cultural. It is left to the parties involved in the relationship to develop the ability to adapt to or understand the nonverbal behavioral patterns associated with other cultures. Some behaviors that may signify that someone is interested in you may connote another meaning in another culture. Don’t be quick to jump to conclusions. Rather, try to understand the other party’s perspective and, if possible, learn from the culture. 

  • Cultivate The Proper Use Of Nonverbal

Excessive use of nonverbal means of communication might convey the wrong message to the interlocutor. Simple hack: keep it simple. 

  • Avoid Passing The Wrong Message

Focus on what you want to communicate. Failure to do that will cause you to select the inappropriate nonverbal cue and pass the wrong message. 

  • Give A Gentle Smile

You’re never properly clothed without a grin, and that is a very true statement. According to a study conducted in 2011, smiling individuals are more attractive to men and women. That’s the role a smiley emoticon seeks to play in online conversations. The grin’s accompanying eye contact was a great plus, as was the smile itself. Gentle smiles are usually associated with a more genuine persona.

  • Practice! Practice!! Practice!!! (With Placetochat 😉 

The more you practice your nonverbal skills, the better you’ll become. By registering today, you take the first step to practicing these hacks with your friends and acquaintances on Placetochat. The site is comfortable and user-friendly. 

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Last Words

Chatting is fun and interesting with the wide scope of digital and innovative nonverbal communication on Placetochat. There is never a dull moment. What you will get on the website is fun, fun, and fun as long as you apply the steps to improve your nonverbal communication in friendly interactions. Join now!