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DevOpsGroup first to launch the BCS Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps

High-Performance IT consultancy DevOpsGroup is the first provider to deliver training in DevOps from BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. 

[aoa id=”1″]The Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps is a two-day course positioned as a starting point for individuals and organisations looking to make the transition to DevOp sand promotes framework-agnostic learning.

Participants will develop an understanding of the fundamental DevOps values, practices and techniques as they work towards improved workflows and faster deployments.

Over the past few months, business leaders and IT professionals from an array of industries have travelled to London and Cardiff to take part in the first sessions of the course. [/aoa]

Gayle Evans, IT operations manager at law firm Keoghs, was one of the first candidates.

She said:

“As a non-DevOps individual, it was really easy to understand with no technical jargon that a non-dev person would not understand.”

Ben Leacock, global technology services manager with a global brand, said:

“The structure of the training with regular breaks and activities ensured maintained engagement. I also enjoyed the encouraged collaborative discussion between attendees and trainers.”

James Harvey, who heads up the DevOpsGroup Academy, is leading the course. He called the initial sessions a success, attracting people from a plethora of backgrounds.

“We’ve run a series of courses in Cardiff and London, and so far, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants have included complete IT novices through to professionals at the top of their game in the industry,” he commented.

“People have really embraced the journey and approached the training with an open mind. That’s testament to our ability to run the sessions with hands on, practitioner-based experience.”

A course for everyone

Underpinned by textbook examples, the BCS Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps is aimed at helping organisations reap the rewards of DevOps practices.

The syllabus covers a range of topics, including the history and benefits of DevOps, DevOps culture, automation, lean practices, measurement, sharing and collaboration, common practices and techniques, DevOps roles, and relevant methods and approaches for DevOps teams.

Talking about the motivations for launching the course, James said DevOpsGroup wanted to develop a training offering that focuses on the core values of DevOps and that appeals to everyone.

“We’ve helped an array of organisations make the transition to DevOps, and in many ways, this isn’t just something that impacts IT teams. It’s a cultural change that involves everyone,” he said.

“With this in mind, we wanted to have a course that introduces the concepts and practices of DevOps to the entire organisation – regardless of role or experience. The aim is to get everyone feeling part of the transformation. “

What stands out about the course is its overarching framework based on the CALMS model, according to James. “This flows throughout the course, putting culture at the forefront of digital transformation. We’re excited to be running more of these sessions across the country in the coming months,” he adds.

Transforming businesses

Chris Leadbeater, product manager of professional certifications at BCS, said: ” We were immediately drawn to create a Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps working alongside DevOpsGroup because of the real-world view they bring to this important and developing practice area.

“Putting a new certification into market that wants the latest, most relevant and therefore most valuable content is important to BCS and our new Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps does just that.”

“We are delighted to be able to offer a new certificate that can help organisations to upskill their own staff, and to do so without prescribing a rigid set of rules. We have high hopes that this Certificate will set a new benchmark for DevOps and create a new generation of highly skilled people.”