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Expect outrageous fun, the unexpected and lot’s of mischief in this live on stage improvised movie night – Review

Mischief Movie Night, the improvised movie live on stage which arrived in Cardiff’s New Theatre on Wednesday, is the latest production from Mischief Theatre. Nominated for the 2018 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy and coming from a sold-out West End run, this is a laugh-out-loud show not to miss. The show runs for the rest of this week (18 – 22 July)

It’s midweek, opening night and audience members have stepped out after their busy days in the city. Some are tired and perhaps not sure what to expect. You can’t begin to imagine what happened next. As a production that is entirely improvised and based on criteria decided on by the audience, this was sure to be different – but wow, just wow!

A partner is handy in Pontypandy

A happy ever after Disney inspired song from Wednesday’s show.

So what were the options? Audience suggestions for genre included: Sci-Fi, Kung Fu, Film Noir and Disney. The next question was location. Where would this movie be set? Huddersfield someone shouted. But that isn’t very Disney is it? The overwhelming consensus was that this movie would be set in Pontypandy. Yes, Pontypandy, the fictional South Wales village of ‘Fireman Sam and the gang’ fame.

We are telling an entire nation to aim above their station

One of the Disney inspired songs on the night.

Key places would turn out to be Bella Lasagne’s Café, The Shop and of course, the Fire Station. So what was the title of this movie? After much debate, instead of Pontybambi, it was decided that the official title of the night’s movie would be ‘Lost In The Shop’. With chainsaw juggling, an assassination and a little Kung Fu thrown in; we were all set. Characters worth a mention were the hero ‘Gevin’, as well as a talking French flannel who administered excellent advice, a very opinionated lasagne that sounded just like Sylvester Stallone and, not forgetting, the Princess (later Queen) of Pontypandy – Margarit.

This might sound like organised chaos (and with a terrifying village assassin named Mr Absorbent), it certainly was. Being completely improvised and the result of what the audience suggested – a masterpiece was created. A brilliant, fun, interactive and truly crying-with-laughter experience you will not forget. Out of chaos will come something that will be unique every night of it’s run at Cardiff’s New Theatre. As Charlie Chaplin once said “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” This day was certainly not wasted. Go and see this and laugh, really laugh, at what you will help to produce. With live rewinds, plenty of pauses and even a fast-forward or two, where will your night take you? With four shows left, including two on Saturday you can book your tickets here.