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Finally a CBD brand backed by science ​and​ a family doctor

Dr. Harrison Weisinger MBBS P.h.D., is a family doctor in Australia and has also worked in the UK, Europe and the US. Before he obtained his medical degree, he did a Masters and Ph.D. studying the effects of nutrition on brain development, bodyweight, and blood pressure. Throughout his working career as a medical doctor, university professor, and scientist,he has committed his life to improving human health.

“​I’ve studied the effects of CBD for several years and find it to be one of the most powerful natural supplements out there” – ​Dr Harrison Weisinger (MB.BS, M.Sc., Ph.D.)

Dr. Harry (​as he prefers to be called​ ) founded Truth Naturals CBD company along with his best friend Trent. Both had overcome so many health obstacles, including Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and the one thing in common that really brought them together was their relentless pursuit of health and high performance.

So, they set off on a worldwide search for plant compounds that were scientifically robust and suppliers that used clean and ethical practices, their ​mission? to give people access to the high-quality, safe supplements based on scientific evidence and complete transparency; no gimmicks, just the honest truth

“​Our CBD comes from organically grown hemp and, better still, it’s zero THC – so you get all the health benefits without getting ‘high”

If you’re looking for a CBD product Dr. Harry does warn. “​There’s a lot of inferior products out there, so many companies popping up wanting to cash in. As a consumer it can be really overwhelming​,”

You may well be asking yourself how you can find the​ ​best CBD oil in the UK​? ​It’s certainly a minefield out there so here he offers up a few guidelines when it comes to choosing the right one:

  • Buy cheap, buy twice. High quality CBD isn’t cheap, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Research the company and look for complete transparency, ask questions and if they can’t give you a straight answer then they’re probably hiding something!
  • Look for reviews online, poor quality CBD will reflect a poor quality company, if you can’t find positive reviews online then look elsewhere. My company uses Trustpilot which provides unedited customer testimonials,
  • Not all CBD products are created equal. Some of us make it our mission to create high quality, effective products whilst others cut corners and use synthetic ingredients. Check the extraction method. Look for Co2 extraction, this is the safest,cleanest way. If no method is stated on the companies website or the information is not available then see this as a red flag.

It’s certainly refreshing to hear a doctor speak so clearly about the minefield that is CBD. Once you decide upon the brand for you it’s important to choose the right product. The great thing about CBD is that it comes in lots of different forms. According to Dr. Harry there’s no right way of taking it, it’s about personal preference. Truth Naturals currently offer four different variations:

Tincture​ – Tinctures are small bottles with a dropper. You use a tincture by dropping the oil directly underneath your tongue, the ​organic CBD​ is absorbed through the glands in your mouth and get sent through the bloodstream and into the receptors in your body. Great for those who don’t like taking capsules. Truth Naturals offer different flavours, Lemon and mint – both take the edge of the earthy taste.

Capsules​ – Capsules are popular for those who like to take their supplements in pill form, small gel caps are convenient, and designed for optimum absorption.

Gumdrops​ – Small and tasty gumdrops infused with CBD, a fun and convenient way to take your daily dose!

Oral spray​ – Truth Naturals have formulated their CBD to be taken in spray form, just like the tincture it’s absorbed through the mouth. they currently have a delicious minty blend called Rise which is a blend of premium CBD & Vitamin D – just what we all need right now!

“​Increasingly, people and their doctors are turning to non-pharmacological remedies for pain relief. Particularly for back and arthritic pain which are among the most common reasons for going to the GP​” – ​Dr. Harry

To try Dr. Harry Formulations for yourself you can find CBD online at​ ​www.truthnaturals.co.uk