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First time apart for twins both set to study sociology

Pictured: Amelia and Macey

Identical twins Amelia and Macey Morris, 18, from Pontypridd, are looking forward to kickstarting their careers in sociology after both confirming their places to study the subject at university following their fantastic results this morning.

The Coleg y Cymoedd learners are hoping that the degrees will enable them to make a positive social difference and tackle poverty and income inequality, motivated by their own experiences growing up in a lower income area.

Amelia will be studying sociology at Bristol University after receiving ABB grades in law, government and politics, and English, while Macey is set to head to Cardiff University to study the subject after achieving ABC grades in politics, sociology and criminology.

While the sisters won’t be too far from each other, it will be the first time that they have ever been separated, having grown up doing everything together.

Amelia said: “We are so used to always being together so it will be strange being apart but we are excited to start our journeys and it will be nice to have some time part to grow individually.

“I want to learn more about inequality and various societal ideologies. I’m interested in how these are embedded in society, and how to make changes.”